"I don't want to die tomorrow knowing

I could have had a piece of cake tonite" Gabriel Iglesias


You can have a piece of cake, but the size is going to make a difference. Amazing, we can eat some of those delightful treats, not a lot, not often, not many…but deciding on the portion is where you need to pay attention.
If a 4 x 4 piece of chocolate cake is 48 carbs, then take 1/4 of that and you can estimate about 12 carbs or make it 15 to be sure. I love OJ…I’m on an orange juice kick right now…but as we know OJ is not necessarily our friend. I will have 1/2 as much as I usually take — 20 ounces of want goes down to 6 ounces of have, and it’s many carbs less.

…that my insulin was a placebo.