I got myself out of another one

Life consists of a series of problems ; with intermittent breaks in between. About two weeks ago, I was weed wacking in my mother’s yard. I hit something, looked down, and saw a stick , about two inches long sticking out of the front of my lower leg. I pulled it out and bandaged it . About two days later, it started to turn red and hurt. I tried to call my doctor and he wasn’t in his office that day . Around here, we have what we call a “doc in a box”. It is a walk in clinic with no appointment necessary . I went there . It is for minor emergencies and I use it as my backup. They took xrays and then the doctor probed the wound to make sure that it was clean . He gave me a local antisthetic for the pain. All the while , I kept laughing. He was afraid that I was having an allergic reaction to the medication . No matter how much something hurts ,it is better to laugh than cry. When he was sure the wound was clean, he gave me a prescription for antibiotics and told me to come back in about three or four days . When I went back , he said that he wasn’t pleased with the amount it had healed. He got me an appointment to a wound care clinic. It took about a week . I was beginning to think that he had forgotton about me. Well, the day for the appointment came up and I was afraid that I was going to get lost. As things usually work out , I was worrying for nothing. I went right to the place. The nurse told me that I had to go back downstairs and register. I found that place too. It cost me $175 that my insurance didn’t cover. I went back upstairs and waited. The nurse told me to go down the hall to examination room 3 . I walked seemingly forever and when I was about to turn back , there it was . Another nurse came in and started taking information and entering it into the computer. Finally , here comes the doctor. He takes one look at my leg and asked “what’s wrong with this? This is the way wounds are supposed to heal.” Well , I am a registered patient at the wound care clinic now. It is obvious to me now that I do’nt heal as well as I used to. I look back and think that I have to respect that doctor who sent me there . He thought that this was over his level of expertise. I guess that it could have been serious. I think that we all learned something. It just goes to show . Everything works out in the end. Now , I won’t walk across the yard without suitable protection on my legs.

Oh My gosh…it could have ended up SO much worse!!! I used to be a GREAT lover of barefoot and fancy free…not anymore!!! Not taking any chances!