I guess I did not pass the test :0(

Medtronic called today, and told me that the insurance company did not approve me for the pump, apparently my A1c of 6.0 proves that that I am doing just fine on MDI. Don't get me wrong, I am doing well and I would not have it any other way. But how the hell does my insurance company know exactly what I go through everyday to get to this point? Do they know that I am desperate for a baby, Do not touch carbs until after 12:00 noon, exercise my ■■■ off and then deal with wacky BG's in return, forget shots, hate shots... this list goes on and on.

I know all of you, My D buddies are picking up what I am putting down. But seriously did they type in my A1C into some stupid survey and then boom! DENIED? Screw you insurance. Luckily I have great doctors and they are fighting tooth and nail. Wish me luck.

I don't like that people are refused for being too healthy! If you stopped taking such excelletn care of yourself, they would accept you for pump coverage? Tha'ts ridiculous!

It is :0(

I wouldn’t take the first denial as the final answer. The squeaky wheel get the grease. I would be a complete pain in their ■■■ until they approve the pump. A call everyday to your insurance company shouldn’t be out of the question.

Hang in there. Talk again to your Endo or CDE. I was denied first too. We figured out a way. Even my Endo didn't think the pump would make the difference in control that it has, and I continue to be amazed as well. You know that a pump will work for you,you are determined that it will and you will do what you must in order to make it work. Try again. Look at a different company, try some other tests. It will work out.

Be well.

Brian Wittman

That sucks. I hate that crap

APPEAL!! I was denied 4 times for my pump and 6 for my CGM. I get the impression many insurance companies deny on the first attempt for any coverage, especially in these economic times.

Is it so different in Canada ?? My Diabetes Specialist had a lot of input( 2001 ) , same when my upgraded pump after 5 plus years was unable to provide the CareLink results ...she wrote to Pacific Blue Cross , BC Canada and I got my Medtronic Veo soon there after( had to pay $ 600,00 out of pocket ) .

Keep fighting because you'll probably win. Pumps & their supplies are expensive.


I just fought for a new pump. The insurance company tried to deny me a pump even though I am already on a pump. They thought I was going to accept no for an answer. I now have a new Medtronic pump, continuous glucose monitor and a My Sentry.

Appeal and keep appealing till they say yes. It took me 2 years of fighting but in the end I won. I was doing 8 - 12 shots a day when my insurance company denied me.

I ended up being a thorn in the insurance company’s side each time my doctor filed an appeal. The customer service people at the insurance company knew who I was as soon as I said my name. I talked to supervisors. I made sure that I had blood sugars attached to prove my point each and every time I filed the appeal.

Get a copy of the insurance policy to see what exactly is covered. If you cannot get a copy of the policy have the insurance company read what is covered out loud to you. You may be amazed to see what is covered that they are not telling you. I found out by a slip of the tongue that not only did they have to pay for a pump but also the pump supplies, syringes, test strips and anything else that I need to treat my diabetes.

Have your doctor do a GAD test. This is a test to see if you are a type I or type II diabetic. Insurance companies are more likely to approve type I but even if you are a type II keep.

Keep fighting you will not regret it.

Sorry it took two years to get my first pump.