I hate when my diet is good and my

…freaking bgs are 160 all day, even after a few correction boluses.

I know I went easy on the boluses, because I did not want a low and my food content was low fat.

It just pisses me off when I am good with my diet and my bgs don’t follow suit.


I absolutely agree and know the feeling! You just can’t understand how you can be high, when you had few carbs and bolused okay! I did that all day yesterday, corrected a few times and then itl caught up with me during the night! Dumb disease. Seems like sometimes that insulin hides in our system and then shows up all at once! LOL

I know how you feel mine was like that all the time, ironic thing is being aggravated over blood sugars is a big factor in making them high. Are you on the pump? I just started and Im amazed how much easier it is to keep them in a “good” range. The insulin seems so much more effective.

Good luck, your not alone…

Suz, I hate to say this, but I am glad to hear that this is not just because I am on the pump. I always think geesh bad site, but no way I just changed it. Sorry about your many corrections on shots at well, but somehow it makes me feel better that it may not be because of my pump site. Sometimes I think about going back to shots, but…

i wish my BSs were stable in the 160s! i do everything i can, eat right, excersize, sleep well, entertain myself, go to support groups, see my endo every 3 months (unless crisis requires more), see my gastroenterologist and PCP regularly. i am on the MM pump for 11 yrs now (been D for 25+ yrs) and my A1C is 4ever in the high 7s to mid 8s. UGH. this is an exhausting occupation. i feel for you. keep up the good work. my BS goal is btw 110-150. if i go any lower, i crash hard.then i slide down to the 30s. i would just tk a micro dose of insulin (1/2 unit) and see where u stand in one hour. retest again. you'll get the swing of it. no worries.