I think I may have found the right kind of tape for the G4 sensor

I am left-handed and have been wearing my G4 sensor on my right arm for the last week and a half and I always use some opsite flexifix around the outside. Initially it was pretty comfortable but last week we were very short handed at work and I was pressed in to service doing a lot of manual manipulations. I work in a chemistry lab and usually I oversee the production, but this week 1/2 my staff was out on vacation and so I had to pick up the slack. By the end of the day my arm was aching like crazy and I was seriously considering moving the sensor to a different spot because every time I moved my arm it hurt. But then I remembered I have some KT tape. This is flexible, colorful, kinesthesiology tape used mostly for sports injuries www.kttape.com so I figured it couldn't hurt and might just help. So I took a piece and put it over the sensor and wrapped it around my arm. It has made a huge difference in comfort for me and I no longer have the ache from the sensor moving with my arm movement. As sports tape it is designed to be worn in the water so I can wear it in the shower. It doesn't irritate my skin and although it is not cheap probably about $1 per application it is a whole lot cheaper than replacing a sensor prematurely. And it has not hampered the sensor readings in any way at all they still match up with my glucometer.

The best stuff I’ve found is to cover the CGM and transmitter with “Hypafix” which come in 4 & 6 in widths on a roll. I get it on Amazon. It far cheaper. Than anything else. It is similar to the adhesive tha is on infusion sets, kind of cloth like, breathable and flexible. It really sticks and last a week or so with showers getting it wet daily.

Hi Clare, I'm wondering how your G4 is holding up with the use of the KT tape. You said that you are placing it on top of the transmitter. I'm having problems keeping the sensor in me for a full week. I'm guessing it's slipping in and out of my skin and poking me which then irritates me. I currently use waterproof band aides. I don't put it over the senor. I just apply it to the tape. Let me know. This tape looks good. I'm also going to check out S. Woodward's tape.

Thanks for posting this information. I want the G4 to stay in my body for the full week and not irritate me.

Hi Katie,
I found having my husband help me apply the KT tape right over the sensor and around my arm is working like a charm. It immediately stopped the pain of the movement and it stayed put for a good 4-5 days and I was able to play tennis pain free. I have looked up Hypafix and it is made by the Smith & Nephew company they also make Opsite Flexifix which is the tape I use around the edges of the sensor to stop it from curling up. It looks as though the company has a huge variety of tapes and dressings in various shapes, rolls, etc. I would suggest you peruse their online catalog and if you find a tape that you think would work for you, then google it and find the cheapest supplier. Good luck, I hope you can find something that works for you. Clare