I Thought I Was Cured! HaHa!

On Saturday I forgot to bolus at breakfast. Two hours later I discovered my mistake, and thought I would have a high. I had a meal of 31 carbs, and should have bolused 3 units. My test before breakfast was 94, and two hours later it was 89, so I still did not bolus. My pump showed that I had not bolused, and there was no insulin on board. Seeing my BG drop without a bolus was very strange, and it has never happened before. I did not need insulin, and I thought I might do the Snoopy dance, climb up on the roof, and yell "I'm cured"!!! I restrained myself, and waited for lunch.

Before lunch my test was 82, and I bolused 4.2 units for a 42 carb meal. Two hours after lunch my test was 72. I had a snack at 3 PM, The test was 110 before the snack, and 69 two hours after the snack. Sunday was very similar, but I did remember to bolus at every meal. Before breakfast my test was 88, and I bolused 3 units for a 35 carb meal. Two hours later my test was 43. I guess I should not have bolused at that breakfast either.

I have no explanation for any of these strange happenings, but I am testing frequently. Today (Monday) testing is much more normal, so I guess my "cure" was only temporary. HA!

The Joslin Medalist Study has shown that there are many long term medalists who still produce some insulin after 50+ years of type 1. One lady does occasionally produce enough insulin that she reduces her insulin dosages a lot, and sometimes does not need any insulin at all. These episodes are temporary for her, and she eventually needs full dosages again. I doubt that I would suddenly have some insulin production after 68 years of type 1, but these strange occurrences certainly do make me wonder!!!