Ideal patient vs ideal doctor

From the DiabetesMine blog: A very interesting comparison what doctors expect from patients and vice versa:

How to be a good diabetes patient


How to be a good endo

Thanks! for sharing How to Be a Good Diabetes Patient, From an Endo’s POV. I printed it–including the subsequent comments which I found more enlightening–for my endo appointment this week and for future reference.

I found it interesting in what was missing. Most of the doctors I have seen also expect the following:

The patient should not tell the doctor how to diagnose or treat, that is the doctors job.

Patients should worry about their cholesterol and get rid of it if they have any.

Don’t question the doctor’s opinion, they went to school and even play golf.

Don’t read stuff on the internet, it is all wrong, and you waste the doctors time.

Don’t obsess over your health, a HbA1 of 7% is just fine, I have lots of patients with higher numbers.

Did I mention the cholesterol?

But seriously, although I irritate my doctors with my questions, all the points in the article are reasonable, and I always try to follow those practices. If you waste your doctors time, you are just hurting yourself.