If insulin is avail w/ Medicare Part B at no cost w/ supplemental insurance

how about Glucagon? We have had to pay an exorbitant price to get Glucagon from the pharmacy [EDIT: we used Optum Rx] and I guess we used the Rx plan; not Part B.

Yes, it is a life-saver and i am amazed at how expensive it is. Luckily I keep payng for them, they run out of date and I I buy a new one, since I don’t want to be without one, in case I ever need it. Itshould be covered by Part B for all diabetics.

Medicare B completely covers all insulin required for use with an insulin pump. I am an OmniPod user and even with appeals, Medicare won’t pay a cent. Howeve I get my insulin and test strips free of charge because I am using a pump

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