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So originally my aunt was lined up to donate her kidney but we found out that she has developed high blood pressure in the past nine years. High blood pressure automatically disqualifies you as a donor. So now we are on the look out for people with type O- blood (it’s the rare blood type that can give to any other blood type but can only receive from type O-), should you or someone you know have type O- please do me a huge a favor and call (585) 275-7753 and ask about becoming a live donor, be sure to mention it’s for patient Jami Uhl… pronounced Jamie Yule. I have a page if you would like to share it here is the url Save-a-Life-Donate-a-Kidney. It doesn’t matter how far away you live, well it probably does but I think things can be worked out. I really need to find a live donor, I cannot wait 3-5 years for a cadaver, I won’t last that long. I have had nothing but complications since I’ve been on dialysis.

Since my kidney rejected I have been in the hospital three times. The most recent being a couple weeks ago. I was having trouble breathing, it was a Friday, so I went to the emergency room. They took an x-ray and sure enough there was fluid built up around my right lung. They decided to drain the fluid, which they got about 750ccs of (a quart). I was feeling pretty good until the next day. I was having trouble breathing again. I was in the middle of dialysis when it started so they had to call an ambulance. I was rushed to the emergency room and another x-ray revealed that I had a partial lung collapse, which can be a side effect of having fluid removed from that area, since it was the weekend no one in respiratory was on call and that hospital had no dialysis unit, I had to be transferred via ambulance to another hospital. When I got there they took their own x-rays and scans, my lung had actually gotten better but there was still quite a bit of fluid in the lining of my lungs which was causing a lot of stress on my heart, so I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The plan of action was to try to get the fluid off through dialysis, they didn’t dare try to drain me again. The more fluid I get off the better my breathing becomes and the better my heart will be, it’s not actually failing its just under a lot of stress. So far it has been a slow process because I’m having a hard time getting fluid off. I was able to come home after ten days but not without oxygen, I should have asked for a wheel chair because I can barely walk ten feet without getting winded. I’m doing better though, I hardly use oxygen during the day unless I’m really active, so I only really use it at night. That’s usually when I’m the most full of fluid anyway, at night. So I’m really hoping we find a match soon, four people so far have called in who have the the same blood type, none have gone onto further testing though.


Sending hugs & all wishes that a Type O kidney donor is found quickly. Just a thought–maybe you should move this to the forum discussion so more people will see it.

Thank you. I didn’t think it needs that much attention but that’s a thought.

I sent a add request and need to send you a message to see if I can of assistance.I have O- blood.