If we are to change policies (test strips, low carb etc.) we need more T2s on board

Facebook may be the way, but I doubt it. I am an evangelist trying to spread the "word" on T2 testing and diet, in my way. But I am also lost when I get into the world of Facebook and Twitter. Even so, I tweet a little and use FB, But not well or often.

I know a lot of on-line T2s across several different forums. To be honest, most do not often use facebook or social networking sites; those I know are more comfortable with the older forum styles.

In fact, that has been a problem recently when two of those forums - the ADA and dLife - made major changes to their sites to make them more like Facebook or other social networking sites. Both lost a significant part of their T2 subscribers as a consequence. It has taken a couple of years for the numbers to start to return to the ADA forum and dLife is almost moribund right now, but will hopefully eventually recover as the ADA eventually did.

However, it is clear that senior T2s (I'm 64) do not generally go to the web for answers to their questions. When you look at the number of diagnosed T2 diabetics, then compare that to the numbers who are active or even lurking on the world's major diabetes forums, we are a tiny fraction of one percent. One of the reasons I wrote my book was to reach some of those off-line people.

My own blog is Type 2 Diabetes - A Personal Journey, with links to others I have selected such as Jenny Ruhl and Gretchen Becker, and some of those have further links to other blogs. There is a link at the top of the page to blogs on Tu.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia
Everything in Moderation - Except laughter

I’ll have to try the same thing.

But I’ll probably do it wrong :slight_smile:

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia
Everything in Moderation - Except laughter

My cousin that is in her 60s is the one that sent me the invite to Facebook. I have a handful of friends & she has a couple hundred! I have a Twitter account but haven’t used it as much as I should. When we had the Big Blue Test last year, I had to ask how to Tweet my results and do a hashtag.

I actually was very disappointed in the big blue test last year, Kelly. The previous year had been largely a TuDiabetes thing and everyone was posting their numbers on here and encouraging each other. This year it seemed all about the other organization that partnered with Diabetes Hand and inputting data to a large impersonal system. I found myself feeling concerned that as we grow we will become a less personal organization, as well as a Facebook for diabetics. I think that would be sad. And no, I didn’t tweet anything.

Why do people assume if someone in their 50s or higher doesn’t care for some aspect of the new technologies it’s because they haven’t mastered it? Sorry, pet peeve.

Last year was my first year so had nothing to compare it to. I posted my results here & in several other places. I don’t think that we will become less personal - it is a place to help each other and share stuff. Diabetes isn’t something you can turn into a WebMD to look something up because there are too many variables (even if you don’t count all the types!).

I don’t this it is because they haven’t mastered something, I think it is more a generational thing. I have 3 older cousins in the 60s and a couple that are a lot younger than me also - we are all very different. Two of those 3 won’t do Facebook but one is there. All 3 are into computer stuff but just not the social aspect of it.