How has TuDiabetes helped you?

The second anniversary of TuDiabetes is getting near (first week of March).

We would love to hear how has TuDiabetes helped you! You can either share your thoughts in here or participate in this survey that a nonprofit group from Europe is helping us conduct:

We feel this survey could further help establish the importance of communities like TuDiabetes.

Thanks for participating and your continued support!

This website has really helped me. I got sick of spinning with doctors and supposed diabetic authorities. I find real information here, and I find others have been down the roads I am going down now. I am glad for the suggestions and feedback. Real people who really care. Thank you for founding this webgroup!

this website has been a lifesaver for me. You have all guided me through the 2 hardest months of my life. Yes I know I am not the one who has to poke my finger several times a day, and yes I know that I am not the one who has to give my self 4 shots + a day. But she is my baby and it affects me tremendously. I would have never known what to watch for and what to do. I think you all for this.

This community has helped me realize how much denial I am in. Trying to change that now.

I am glad to hear this, Mark! Where in the Central Valley are you?

It has helped me immensely. Some place “where everybody knows your condition” (Plays the Cheers song in the background). If it wasn’t for the folks here I would probably quit pumping within the first month. Now, I know it is going to work and is going to make my life better and longer.

of course that means I have more time to come up with snarky comments…

i had given up on my diabetes until i found this site and saw so many other people have pushed through that stage and took control! it has helped me more than i could ever truly express. you all have been there in my time of need and question. and you all have been there to help me rejoice in the “little” things when my family did not understand =) thanks so much to all you have helped this site grow!

So far, it’s the only place I’ve found where wonderful people have answered my questions, and made me feel less alone.
I’ve learned more in the short time I’ve been a member than any of the doctors explained at diagnosis. Everyone here in incredible!

After 14 years of having diabetes, this site has really helped me to do what it takes to keep myself healthy. I’ve lowered by A1c, pushed and fought to get a pump since they’re so difficult to get here (I’ll be getting it next month :slight_smile: ) and met some amazing and inspiring people along the way. This wonderful place has most likely saved my life.

TuDiabetes has helped me so much over the past 6 - 7 months. I may not have diabetes but someone I love does, and without this site I would be so lost. I have learned so much here, and spoken to some great people who have been really supportive and helpful. It means a lot to be so informed and supported. I love knowing I’m a part of something, and I love the idea that sometimes even I can help someone. Thank you for everything

Dear All

I hope the begining of the New Year has been great for you.

I just wanted to leave this note - since the research i am conducting is nearing an end. For those of you who might not know - I am the person in charge of researching tudiabetes on behalf of the nonprofit group Manny has refered to above. Our aim is to look at various online communities and see if learning happens - and if yes how, why etc

I have been observing the community for about 2 months now and i must say you really have something great here! I have seen many other online communities but i have never seen so much support and positive thinking - i think you are all doing a great job. I must also say that i have learnt alot - for i knew nothing about diabetes before i joined. Through your contributions i can avoid many mistakes done by people who are unaware of REAL realities of diabetes and i can also keep these things in mind when it comes to my proffession (which includes policy development in various areas of governance). So it has indeed been a great experience on all levels. So much so that i intend to keep visiting this lovely community to see how things are going on :slight_smile:

I truly hope you have a great anniversary and that your endeavours will keep on uniting people and generate more awareness on your cause.

On a different note - all that is left to be done, research wise, is for people to answer the survey linked above my Manny. We do need as much submissions as possible (and we still are at the low end) in order to have some qualitative data through which we can a) compare with other communities b) come up with some conclusions. It will only take 10-15 min max. So if you can spread the word it would be great!

Thanks and all the best!!


Improved my care for my dear patients
learnt a lot about diabetes in adults
making friends with wonderful members
learnt about health care system in many countries
learnt about other way of living
enjoyed the wonderful photos of all members
enjoyed the different groups in the community
learnt about all relegions through reading through the beauty of these groups ( relegion is important for eastern people)
enjoyed the poetry of all members
knew about different attitudes and way of thinking
met Manny, a dream of every mother to have son like him
surrounded by acceptance and love at all times
won an international family,a great one

more & more but this sence of belonging is amazing,no one can feel alone here.

Manny: This website has helped me to some extent. Even though I haven’t really posed any technical questions, it has helped me socialize in the “community.” I still feel a bit lonely compared to some of the regulars like Renee, Scott, et al. but I appreciate that they have probably had their presence noted long before I even got my new computer! (Yea! I finally joined the 21st century on 12/12/08!)

I am looking for more than information since I have had T2 for 20+ years and have gone through a couple of hospital-based programs. I do know that things change and new things are added through research every day and that a person has to keep up to date if they are to survive. If we waited for the DR’s office to advise us of advances/changes, we would surely all die off of old age!

Back to what I am looking for … a group of friends to laugh with (Scott, you joker), commiserate with when things fall apart (Angela,a big moral support), get a kick in the butt when I get out of line (none yet, thank God). You see, I come from a dysfunctional family and have no real close friends near where I live to act as such supports. I’ll get there eventually just by putting in my dime’s worth (inflation, you know) til people get sick of me!

LOL means lots of love!

Lois La Rose, Milwaukee, WI

I have become much more aware of my life style and my health. I have lost 50 pounds, built up some good muscles. Learn that I don’t have to starve, just eat smaller portion and of course stay on a routine.


This site has been very helpful to me in obtaining information on CGM (CONTINUOUS GLUCOSE MONITOR.)
Doctors overwhelmingly treat diabetics as if we are all the average case learned from their books. Truth is, we are all different cases with different sets of problems. I have been in more than a few arguments with these prima-donnas and when you achieve your goal of infuriating them, their true feelings come gushing forward. Have I ever had some fascinating conversations.
I have been diabetic for 56 years and nobody knows more about my specific case than I, and I have read everything I can get my hands on regarding this subject.
I should add, I have enjoyed many more intelligent discussions with Endoctrinoligists in particular.

I’m one of those Diabetics who had reached a place of being so discouraged, I had essentially stopped taking care of myself. I was tired of going to the Dr. and spending my money, and just feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere. When I was preparing to go on the pump–because of uncontrolled Diabetes I met Penny who is a member of TuDiabetes. We were both there getting a CGM installed, and she told me about this website. Naturally, I forgot it, and then one day it struck me like a bolt out of the blue. The rest is history. This Community has helped with my disease as much as any Dr., and yes even as much as my trusty little pump. TuDiabetes has changed my attitude about Diabetes. It has connected me with literally thousands of people who know what it’s like to be me. Whether I’m feeling good or whether I’m feeling depressed, this is the place where I come, and you accept me no matter where I am emotionally or psycologically. You allow me to express myself, and you listen as if I were the only person on the planet. There is just no replacement for what this community has to offer. I’m not sure where I would be today had I never logged on to this site. I felt all alone, and just knew Diabetes was going to kill me someday. And you know what? It still may kill me someday, but I will not go silently into the night. I refuse to go down without a fight, and if after all that it takes my life then I can go in peace knowing I have done everything I could do. I know this sounds somewhat korny and maybe a little bit mushy, but my life would not have the quality it has today without you people. Thank you, one and all, for allowing me to be a tiny little part of such an amazing movement.
Peace Ya’ll

I normally use the diabetic newsgroups instead. However, TuDiabetes gives me a good place to send people who need information on diabetes, but don’t want to get it from newsgroups. Also, it’s a good place to look for more diabetic information to post to the newsgroups.

This website has helped me because we can all appreciate the humour in our diabetes and it is a place where everyone knows what it’s like to be affected with diabetes, by self or family. It’s great to be able to use humour to get through things.

I love this website! I have been a diabetic for 19 years. I just started insulin two months ago. This is the best site to find out what people really go through living with diabetes. If I have a question about my diabetes, I always come to this site to do research. GREAT WORK EVERYONE!


I am not working right now and I was pretty discouraged, still am. Anyway, I found this little site and it gives me a bit of a purpose. When you ave been type 1 for 34 years, your health is failing and things are not going well, well finding purpose is a big deal. I told my wife, I had to find something important. Well I never thought it would be a diabetic web site. But you know living for 34 years with this means it has not been in vain. I love giving back. Thanks for letting me.