I'm asking again, what should I do?

This has been a summer of medical mysteries and chaos.

The latest being, given too much Metformin with an A1C of 5.2…the max dosage is 2250mg, the cnp
wanted to give me 2500mg long lasting…I had to question this as to how much at what times, and OMG they found the mistake. But my question being “what if I hadn’t have asked about it, would anyone have called me, would anyone have looked it up, would I be alive now”? We have a new doc in town after Aug. 2, I have an apt to see her as of August 3…but I had to ask for a referral card (Medicaid rules) from the old cnp. Now that was uncomfortable. Then I needed to get a refill on Ibprofen for my arthritis from her…and sure enough, she didn’t call it in…didn’t have a slip at the clinic for me…NOTHING…and the pharmacy won’t dispense pain killers without aurthorization…nice huh? I am so angry, I know my next numbers are going to be up. I could go get a cortisone injection which will give me relief, but make my blood sugars go through the sky, I could write her employers, because it is a satellite clinic…she is rude, doesn’t listen or answer questions, doesn’t ask questions…just tells you what to do. I am a hands on patient, and need to know what is going on before I am going to do anything. She is the only medical person in this clinic now,…with the exception of two nurses. The clinic is not looking for a replacement, they have pulled their ad; and are hoping to find someone come out of the air, or other places.

I want to see if this new doc will work with me, and I with her. She has a lot of diabetic experience having worked with diabetic camps during the summer for both adults and kids. She is not “brand new” she has experience, and the staff has said she is very easy to talk to —b ut what are they going to say. My draw backs are losing my workout room at the clinic, and the small family atmosphere over a large 10 doc place. But hey, the cnp is NOT whom I want to be taking care of me…I just hate confrontations. But someone has to do something to keep this clinic going.there are too many people who have no place to go…and this is the end for them.

But what about me, what should I do…I have found a new dietican, she is very good…miss the old one, but not as much as I miss my CNP. HELP ME with your positive ideas.

We have one acupuncturist, can you believe that? He is very good, a friend of mine couldn’t swing his golf clubs this summer, and tried this guy out…Amazing…even got a hole in one…and all from this doc. But he is highly spendy and medicare won’t cover it…thanks, keep good thoughts, I just want to be settled in a new medical things soon!

First, 2500 mg of met would NOT cause you any serious problems. Met isn’t known for causing hypos, anyway - it’s very rare. Second, ibuprofen is available OTC so you don’t really need a rx for it - just take enough to meet your rx dosage. I get the distinct impression that you are more upset with a lack of rapport than with your actual care. Maybe if you go next time & say to her that you think the two of you got off to a rocky start & you want to begin again? Is that something you’d consider?

Ibprofen at 800 mg per pill and 3 per day is paid for by my insurance. Ibprofen taken OTC at that amount is 200mg per pill, which is four per time, times three is 12 pills a day, or about $10.00 a week for OTC, not paid for by my insurance. The OTC is not as strong or as effective against my arthritis as the Rx stuff…a choice that I do not think is in my best interest.

2500 mg of met is the max amount allowed for someone my height and weight. Over time, it could cause great gastric upset, and possible ulcers…another choice I don’t want to make. If it is LA (long lasting) is could cause blood sugar lows and don’t need to be dealt with if prescribed in the proper dosage and taken as such.

What I want to know is when and where did I get to be the bad guy in this situation? Would I consider doing what you suggested. Done and completed. Will that mean that things are going to improve? Maybe maybe not…but I don’t appreciate being treated in such a manner that deems me the person without a brain or not knowing anything. Guess this wasn’t a topic to bring up here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I take 2550 mg of regular metformin, 3 x 850 that is the usual maxumum. I have heard people take as much as 3000 mg pr day with no problems. I think the maximum isn’t based on height or weight. I am 5’3", 118 pounds, Usually is that amount doesn’t work, you do need another med or even insulin. Too much also will not cause bgs to go to low unless you are also on anothr med.

Jeannie, I am on Met, amaryl, Januvia…so I am sure that they are concerned about all three. The next step will be byetta, and I’m not opposed to that, IF it helps with the weight and the diabetes. How are your numbers doing?

I’m not quite sure how you took my response as making you the “bad guy.” I was trying to be helpful. So sorry!

This has been the summer from hell medically…losing a care provider that I’ve had for 22 years because she spent too much time with her patients and then trying to build a relationship with a woman who has a bedside manner worse than a vets…because I love my vet; has not been easy. No we didn’t get off to a rocky start, she refuses to listen, to think about things, to contemplate that I hired her, not she hired me.
She has refused to sign any release slips to see other docs, and basically gave me the wrong information about meds and about calling in meds to the pharmacy. So your post sounded like, I hadn’t tried to get along with her, I have bent over backwards, because she is the ONLY medical provider in town that I can see. We have many more people than docs, and they aren’t accepting new patients. We are in a rural area where there aren’t many docs…and way too many people. I apologize for taking it out on you.
But if you have any ideas on how to make this work, where I am not the recipient of bad medical service.

I really am so sorry! I was trying to be supportive. Believe me, I’ve been through situations with doctors who don’t work with me & I know how frustrating it can be. I am fortunate enough to be in a situation where I have choices.

If she’s the only game in town, so to speak, I’d do everything I could to build some kind of rapport with her.

This is a shot in the dark, Cathy… but, do you have relatives that you visit in other states?

I’m from Puerto Rico, and when I was in college… I always went to doctors in Puerto Rico, instead of here in Iowa, because I didn’t know or trust anyone. If your insurance lets you see other providers in other states, or even if in very farther away towns… I might do that, instead… If it’s even an option.

I hope things get better for you soon… :frowning: So frustrating.

I would say Victoza is your next step. Less side effects than Byetta, one shot a day, I have lost 3lbs in the first week. It has really taken hold of my BG’s they are consistant throughout the day and I am only at the first does level. I was a MDI Lantus and novolog Type 2 and I have stopped my Lantus. I also take glimiperide once a day. If this continues this will be the best thing since sliced bread.

If you’re receiving bad medical information, report the CNP. There has to be a state accrediting outfit that maintains these certifications. Yes, you are getting bad and surly care. Report her for not following up on your medication needs. These are all valid complaints. If you need to, tell her that you are drafting a complaint to the state and that should she continue to refuse to give you the appropriate referal, that will go on the list. She’ll never work in your state again. It seems you’ve done everything you can and the only option you have now is to wait until your new doc arrives. If you are having problems, since you’re a Medicaid patient, let the state know that their service providers aren’t doing their jobs. Make this woman’s life very uncomfortable. If nothing else, you’ll get any referral you want. You aren’t going to have an easy relationship with the CNP no matter what. If nothing else, have the state examine her bad prescription writing habits. It’s easy enough to prove and it isn’t a case of she said/she said. She may actually learn a lesson from having inflicted her dreadful bedside manner on you.

That much metformin won’t wont kill you but it will tear up your stomach

So far I have been VERY lucky not to have metformin tear up my stomach as you say… That was one of my fears, with as much Ibprofen as I take, if the two together would do me great imbalance, but so far so good.

I wish that were an option. It would be great. But to be honest, the trip (gas) lodging, etc would cost more than I can afford, and Medicaid won’t cross state lines without a darn good reason. For “normal” diabetic care is not a good enough reason to do it. But a good idea on your part. Thanks