I'm Asking You To Rally As An Individual And A Community

If you missed it, Oprah did a show on diabetes ten days ago where Dr. Oz confused and scared a lot of people about diabetes with misinformation. As one diabetes educator said to me, "Dr Oz is a SURGEON.!!! Diabetes is NOT in his area of expertise!!!!!!"

I just posted to Dr. Oz on the Huffington Post - "Dr. Oz, How Did You Get It So Wrong?" - and issued a plea for him to set the record straight after he put so much misinformation and scare tactics into the water about diabetes.

Now I ask you to join me in letting Dr. Oz know that we are worthy of accurate information, not myths and fear, worthy of inspiration and hope to help us manage our diabetes, and that if he truly wants to help patients he should correct the misinformation he's spewed.

CALL TO ACTION: So, please go to the post and leave a comment, spread the word by passing the post on to others, tweet, twitter, and let's send the message that the diabetes community, and each one of us, deserves the respect we're so often denied.


I’m rallied. Add to me to your list of the outraged. What the best way to write Dr. Oz, celeb doctor? Have an email address? I don’t want to write through his show contact info.


Best way I know (since the good doctor has not shared his email or address) is post a comment under the article and pass the outrage along :wink:

Thanks. Will do.

The thing that really bothers me is that diabetes is considered a moral failing to some medical “professionals” instead of the metabolic error that it actually is. It is manageable and people can live a long healthy uncomplicated life WITH diabetes. I know some people who have thought it was a death sentence and didn’t even try to manage it. IT IS NOT.


I’m curious, our latest post is quite a bit different from your first post on the show

Oprah Takes On Diabetes – I Still Have a Request

What sparked your change of opinion?


I posted my comments at Huffington. I’m SophieWalter because my name was already taken when I signed up.

I actually just finished contacting the show and then saw your post!! I have been so outraged too! I am rallying behind this. If anyone wants to also comment here is the contact through the show website something is better than nothing.


I am also frustrated with the idea of the show saying you can control/cure it with diet and exercise yourself as a Type 2. There are so many LADA T 1.5/T1 out there that are misdiagnosed as T2 and “failing (or so they feel because of statements like this)” even with the strictest low carb diet and exercise BECAUSE it is a slow onset autoimmune diabetes as you all know. These people (like me) continue to loose “control” due to the nature of the beta cells slowly getting attacked. So what I do helps tremendously but I am not diabetes free like expressed in the show. This makes many that are misdiagnosed T2 and some T2 feel like they are failing rather than doing all they can and need to continue to adjust and add medication etc… Also with the notion patients can do it alone I have heard stories of people trying to get BG down “Before” going to see their endo rather than looking to them for help to get them down to a safe range with med changes etc…

There… I did comment. I agree. My 15yr old newly diagnosed son watched it. Scared the hell out of him. I am pissed!

It was a well done piece, Riva… thanks for writing it.