I'm in. the. hospital. again

This place is the worst when it comes to diabetes control. I’ve only had one low and they kept me on d5 and I’m constantly high. They won’t give me insulin on an insulin to carb ratio and keep bringing me full plates of SUGAR for meals and i have to refuse it. No way in hell am i drinking 2 cups of juice and cream of wheat without properly dosed insulin when i woke up at 105 mgdl with tingly hands. This is the worst, i want this pancreatitis to heal so i can go home and control my diabetes. Here i have NO CONTROL WHATSOEVER and its awful

I can relate to you. Unfortunately, I have been a patient in several hospitals in my area. My admissions were not related to my Diabetes. I have found the ignorance relating to D to be universal. The medical staffs are clueless on how to keep D patients on the correct path. Any one who works at good control, as you obviously do, is always frustrated. I was always served sugar and other items that I would never use. The nurses are petrified of anyone going low and told me they prefer PWD to be at least 150. I said that was unacceptable to me. Do the best you can until you get home. Then you will be in control again.

Yeah, they prefer me to be over 140 mgdl and i tell them how much i hate it but they don’t care and are too scared of letting me have say. I feel even worse now that they’re trying to advance my diet with plates of sugar. I’m gonna keep refusing, but i bet they won’t send me home without eating. I want OUT of this nightmare!

Oh, bless your heart. Is there someone staying with you? He or she can be your guarddog.

Nope, I’m here alone. My mom is sick and doesn’t wanna bring that here

I don't know if this is possible at the hospital you're at, but when I was in for DKA I refused the sugary/high carb ADA meals they kept trying to give me and insisted on picking my own meals from their kitchen. My friend, who is a nurse, told me I could do this, and I was able to convince the doctor that I knew the meals they were giving me were just making things worse, and that I could do a lot better on my own. I got a menu for lunch and circled chicken and steamed vegetables and TADAHHH I felt ten times better soon after eating it.

I really wish health care professionals had sound nutrition education. They tried to give me pancakes, oatmeal, juice, milk, and eggs (the only thing I touched) for breakfast one day. Oh but don't worry, the syrup was sugar-free.

*Face palm*

Hang in there, demand to talk to your doctor and request something better from their kitchen, if you can!

I’d have no issues with this diet if i actually got insulin. Refused insulin at 105 mgdl :frowning:

Refusef insulin with a meal btw

I get it. I'm not on meds yet. After my knee replacement surgery the nurse team absolutely had to shoot me up with insulin when I hit a very brief 69. I told them that was ok for me and it would climb in no time if they gave me some string cheese or anything with some fat and protein. They were deaf. I had a tsp of their sugary peanut butter and spiked to 200. I said---yes---protein and fat are what I need.....Good Goddess---Never again am I going there for an elective surgery. Maybe if I am at death's door.....Sorry to rant---it was a nightmare.....

Make lemonade! Enjoy your plates of sugar. It is only temporary.

Mark, i can’t high blood sugars make me sick similarly to pancreatitis, and i want to go home, they’re gonna keep me longer as they can’t distinguish high blood sugar upset tummy and pancreatitis… But I can. I ate half a bowl of cream and i feel absolutely awful already. I’m tempted to AMA if i can’t go home today or tomorrow

I'm curious. Won't your diabetes doctor get involved? Can't he write a letter of how you dose and what you eat? Does your treatment plan automatically get overidden when you go in the hospital?

Well, I'm hoping next time to figure something out , but my treatment plan gets entirely overwritten at the hospital..yeah. I see my endocrinologist on the 11th for no real reason other than some followup they set up? I'll complain to him, he's a type 1 as well and probably understand.

I just saw this and I'm sorry to hear you had to go through such an ordeal. I hope you are home safely now and in control of your diabetes management!

BJM , things are going pretty good. By now, it seems my pancreatitis is gone . I"m a bit sore, but it's not like horrible gnawing/stabby pancreatitis pain. Slowly getting back to my normal diet. I am still gradually raising my lantus ( I do this every time I have surgery, I reduce it from 11 units to 8 and gradually add units back when necessary based on blood sugars) . I had a bit of a slip up on blood sugar last night after my night time snack but I fixed it and woke up fine. I think getting home and taking care of myself is better than dealing with a hospital that completely goes against me. I think it helped my healing to be at home with my insulin keeping my blood sugar mostly under 140 mg/dL (besides one 162 mg/dL slip up) and not being stuck to a sugar iv that made me feel even more sick. Drinking tons of water fixed the icky feeling I got from that.

I am glad you made it home and are doing better.

I'm not sure why people 'allow' anyone, including - especially - healthcare workers, to do anything to them without explicit permission.

We are the patient and have the ultimate authority when it comes to our health, period!

I have been in the hospital several times for hypos and surgeries. The first thing they do is tell me to disconnect my pump, because the doctors don't know how to use it. I take it off, but then use it (without telling them) to keep my sugars normal from the dextrose drip (they don't have cameras and don't look for it under my clothes!). I say thank you with a smile for all the sugary foods, but once they leave the room, I throw them out. I am on a ketogenic diet, so I would rather not eat at all than eat all those carbs.

I've never ever heard of such a thing, hospitals are suppose to get in touch with your endocrinologist and confirm with him or her with the proper procedures to be applied to get your situation resolved and out of there. I'm not a fan of hospitals although I have been admitted on several occasions and I was always trying to find a way to get out as quickly as possible. They need to contact your doctor as soon as possible to get you on the right path, best of luck. Cheers......