Im looking for a responsible Type 1 caregiver

Im in real need of a afternoon/evening sitter who’s knowledagable and responsible w/ type 1 to my 8yr old son and 6yr old daughter. if anyone has any referrals please contact me. Thank you in advance.

It might help, elijahbears, if you let people know where you are located!

Oh geez I thought I did…Las Vegas Nevada (summerlin neighborhood) :slight_smile: thank you Zoe

You're How great that would be if a T1D from on here was available to babysit. How much easier than trying to explain to an "outsider". Hope someone is able to do might want to check and see if there is a Las vegas group and post there as well!

Man Zoe you have know idea. I’m stressing thinking about a outsider…I really do hope so. I’ve been looking for a Vegas forum, haven’t found one yet.


I didn't find a Las Vegas Diabetes Forum for you but I found this acticle which is posted about a Nurse at the Summerlin Hospital. You may have seen it already. I do not know if that is near you. Lucky she was wearing a CGM.

Anyways, she was helped by a Diabetes Support Group which is probably for Type 2's. She may have some contact with Type 1 Adults at the Hospital or maybe someone in the Group knows of someone, she or they could recommend for you. She services Pediatric, probably Type 2 Children and Type 2 Adults. Not sure. Someone may know of a Type 1 Adult there who babysits Children with Type 1 Diabetes. You could also post an ad about the babysitting on the Hospital bulletin board. They have them at our Hospitals.

This article was posted prior to 2011 and reposted 2013. Good Luck!

Wow, what amazing information. That would be great. I will definitely check it out. Yes I live right next to summerlin hospital…so.I just might go Up there :slight_smile: I will read the article as soon as I finish this reply. :slight_smile: thank you sooooo much for your help. Its much appreciated.

Who lives right beside a Hospital?? :) Ha! just kidding. That's amazing though.

If you can contact her, tell her you read her article, then you could ask about referrals or even from the Group. Don't leave any stone unturned there. There has to be someone. YW! I do hope things work out for you and your Children.

Exactly, there has to be something. Uggh my job is barely working with me. I can’t miss anymore days. And I’ve only missed one day. Fingers crossed…

Ugh! Hate to say it but the Child Care cost will be a factor too since they are Special Needs Children like I was. Hopefully you can get some help with that through some resources in your city or community fund raisers perhaps who understand. You Go Girl!! :) Fingers crossed!

I am sure that is true for childcare professionals. As a Type 1, however, I'd probably charge standard babysitting rates (whatever those are!) and if it were only a few hours a week just volunteer my time to help another Type 1.