I'm new to the Omnipod and have questions about cannula pain and problems when insulin in reservoir gets low

Thanks again to everyone for their help! Here is my update - I have discovered NOT to pinch up, and just hold the pod in place during insertion - now, I don’t even know the pod is on me! Before, it would hurt whenever the pod got bumped, touched or laid on. For sleeping, I do use an extra pillow under the pod, but did notice at a recent stay at a hotel with awesome pillow top mattresses that with the extra padding in the mattress, I didn’t notice the pod while I was sleeping.

I’ve just started using the OmniPod (about a week ago), and I’m also having the same problem: that the pod hurts every time it gets bumped, and I have been using the pinch-up method. I’m definitely going to try holding the pod in place next time I insert it on my upper thigh.

But I have a question, do you all also recommend not pinching up when I place the pod on my lower back? I don’t have much fat there, but I like that the pump is sort of out of the way on your back.

AND, one more question, I can feel the bolus, sometimes it even hurts. But, the site is not red or swollen or tender to the touch. Is that a problem?

Thanks everyone!! Like I said, this is all new to me :slight_smile:

When I first started on the pod I was much more aware of it and felt more pain during boluses and when things bumped the pod. I think that you get used to it after a while and it stops hurting as much. I barely notice it now unless I’ve got a bad pod (which is actually probably just a poorly placed pod by me). I have never figured out how to pinch up on my lower back so I just hold it in place there, but I have plenty of padding for it. Keep experimenting and give your body some time to get used to it. I found it was well worth the wait.

Hi, I was just reading this conversation. I am looking into getting a pump and love Omni pod but am hesitant to commit for the EXACT reasons you describe. I was given a trial with saline and I can feel the cannula and it gets sore within a day. I would not get this pump for that reason. I was wondering if your issue ever got resolved or did you continue to experience it. Thanks it will help with my decision on getting one.