I'm so grateful to Al Mann for sinking heart, soul and his fortune to bring Afrezza to my daughter and the world

Whatever happens tomorrow… A huge, heartfelt thank you to the great philanthropist Al Mann, who has done so much for diabetics and for all mankind. How appropriate the name of his company is. My daughter was on the Medtronic insulin pump three months after diagnosis, which is a great invention. But even the pump was hampered by the slow speed at which “rapid acting” insulins work. So Al Mann invented Afrezza. How different would the life of my little girl have been if she could have gone on Afrezza when first diagnosed at the age of eight with Type 1 diabetes. Ten to twelve fingersticks a day were necessary to prevent the dangerous lows and highs that occurred with Humalog, Novolog and, yes, even Apidra. Novolog took five and a half hours to leave her system. Apidra took three and a half. Her childhood was far from normal and it was never carefree. The constant corrections for highs, feeding candy or juice for lows, often throughout the night, the constant changes in doses due to growth hormones, the severe drops in blood sugar into the 20s and 30s with just a little bit of exercise. Never will I forget her dropping to the ground on the sidewalk semi-conscious due to a low one hour after dinner, in a panic because she was just home from the hospital one day and we didn’t even have the glucagon script filled (not in pharmacy). None of this would have happened if she had had Afrezza available. Afrezza does not cause severe lows. When dosing, it is out of the system in one hour, one hour and a half maximum. It is safe and VERY effective. You do not have to traumatize your child by giving her four to seven shots a day, four if you are lucky because you have no highs to correct and only need a shot for the long-acting insulin and her three meals. That’s four shots a day minimum and it was RARELY four shots a day because there were always highs, always corrections. The pump only needed a site change once every three days but most children in the United Kingdom and Australia are denied pumps and are on shots. Most children throughout the world are on shots. She has been on Afrezza for a very short period of time and I think her past regimens were INSANE. Afrezza would have given her a normal childhood. She would not have to have been the brave, responsible, anxious and wary little adult she was forced to become. Her real childhood ended at eight. She’s in college now and I want to know that if she eats late at night when I am not around to sneak into her room and check her blood sugar, that insulin will be out of her system in ONE HOUR NOT THREE AND A HALF HOURS. I am confident that with Afrezza, she will not drop too low and she will wake up in the morning. Afrezza is miraculous, a game changer, a life changer, I cannot thank enough the stockholders who are in this for the long haul, who clearly recognize the value of this drug, who have stood by Afrezza through thick and thin, who have lost so much money trying to fight to bring this drug to market, against astounding odds. And it is astounding, but not surprising that Sanofi did everything in their power to sink this drug and prevent it from succeeding. Astounding because had they given Afrezza a fair chance, it would be the insulin of choice. It will be a long uphill battle now, but I pray Afrezza will make it. I will pray with all of my heart and soul. And I will NEVER forget Afrezza’s “partner” Sanofi, how they put their company’s profits over my daughter’s health, We had been using Apidra since it came out and I always championed that drug. No more! No Toujeo. Treseba is much better anyway but we will never use another Sanofi product.


A nice post Julia, good luck to you and your daughter.

Amen Julia. It is amazing. This is an emotional subject for me and I assume other users of Afrezza as well. It’s emotional for you as the parent of a T1 who does nothing but worry 24/7 (my mom did the same thing and still does to this day). Once we all try to mute out all of the investor talk, the marketing, the trials, the spirometry tests etc., we come to the most important point for the majority Afrezza USERS …that it just plain works better than anything we’ve ever used.

At the end of the day, if MannKind can’t find another partner and Afrezza goes away, hopefully someone can point Mr. Mann to the many testimonials of users so he knows that his efforts were not for nothing. He invented a kick ■■■ drug and should be forever commended for it.

Thanks for the post and best to you and your daughter.


I will never forget sanofi either. I’ve pledged to never use another of their products. How dare they try to sabotage the success of a life changing medication just because it’s vastly superior to anything they had the brainpower to design…

They will never make another dime off of my illness.

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Hmmmm, be aware of the many other products that Sanofi makes available. Some of them are incredibly important and necessary. In fact some of them allow us to walk the earth without the fear of contracting deadly disease. Might want to check your medicine cabinet JSYK.

As for Mr. Mann, he did not invent insulin. He and his biomedical engineers came up with an improved delivery system. Alfred Mann is for sure an amazing entrepreneur and philanthropist.

But the real hero for any insulin is Dr. Frederick Banting. He and and John James Rickard Macleod received the Nobel Prize! In case you didn’t know.

I am also very grateful to Alfred Mann for establishing MiniMed!! I love my pump, and I can manage my bg just fine with it. No need for additional insulin products.

I guess if folks want to stop using Sanofi products then hopefully they are able to find same such products that are proven and safe. I am wondering if that Afrezza is causing daftness :fearful:

I’m still wondering why you’re commenting on every thread relating to afrezza when you’ve stated repeatedly that it’s not for you… But yet you continue to weigh in on the subject? Even telling people whose lives are actually and profoundly affected by it what they should or shouldn’t be discussing and where? Are you just trolling the topic for some reason or what?

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[quote=“Sam19, post:7, topic:50409, full:true”]
I’m still wondering why you’re commenting on every thread relating to afrezza when you’ve stated repeatedly that it’s not for you… But yet you continue to weigh in on the subject? Even telling people whose lives are actually and profoundly affected by it what they should or shouldn’t be discussing and where? Are you just trolling the topic for some reason or what?
[/quote]Because you continue to bash and demonize a very important company that does much for our condition, and many many others. I want folks to be aware. I am far from a troll, Sam. And I happy Afrezza works for you and have said so time and time again that I’m glad the product works and hope the maker finds a partner! Your need to change my comments into hateful things is your problem.

When a forum is full of misinformation and promoting hate and ignorance I will for sure jump in and try to redirect to facts and real life experiences. Even when they don’t agree with you. I hope you can stop wondering now.

Note to Karen: Do you really think anyone connected to Type 1 Diabetes does not know Banting and Best discovered insulin? And the buck stopped there, because there have been far too few improvements in the drug since it’s invention. The point is, Al Mann invented a form of insulin and delivery system that is much safer and more effective than what we have been forced to use. Do you REALLY think a mother of a newly diagnosed child, if given the option, would choose to give her child four, six, eight injections a day? I think not. As I mentioned, most children throughout the world are not given the option of an insulin pump. The pump was great; the insulin we put in it was WAY TOO SLOW… Bear in mind our child was diagnosed at eight, the highest increase in Type 1 diabetes is in the age group five and under. Sanofi has made their money off my child for many years; I plan to BOYCOTT them and I urge all Afrezza users to do the same. P.S. Karen, you seem to champion Sanofi at every opportunity with such comments as “Mannkind owes Sanofi tons of money” do you have a personal connection to the company? Are you one of their sales reps, own stock? Just wondering…

I have a personal connection to being a diabetic for long enough to appreciate any and all advances in making our life easier. Sorry that the insulin you used was WAY TOO SLOW, mine is fast as all get out - it’s not a Sanofi insulin though. LOL

What stock I have in any company is not anyone’s business. I will continue to defend and ‘champion’ any company who has made efforts to provide wellness to the world. BOYCOTT away, but when your kid needs a vaccine to go to school, or some sedation when the wisdom teeth need to come out just be aware who makes that vaccine available and have your BOYCOTT placard at the ready.

What is wrong with comments like [quote=“Julia61, post:9, topic:50409”]“Mannkind owes Sanofi tons of money”[/quote] It’s true for cryin’ out loud.

Here’s a little fact that matters more than a little - Sanofi supports diabetics whether they use her insulins or not. So hopefully your wondering can stop now, too.

I’m just curious about what Mankind owes Sanofi for…

[quote=“rgcainmd, post:11, topic:50409, full:true”]

I’m just curious about what Mankind owes Sanofi for…
[/quote]The company only held $32.9 million in cash on its books as of September 30th, but it also holds $185 million worth of debt. The company did successfully raise roughly $36 million in a common stock offering in Israel, but it’s likely that those funds won’t last long. In the third quarter alone the company produced a loss of $32 million – and that was with Sanofi footing the majority of the costs related to the launch.

MannKind won’t have to repay its debts that it owes to Sanofi right away. On MannKind’s third quarter conference call, analysts asked MannKind’s CFO, Matthew Pfeffer, about its repayment schedule should Sanofi decide to terminate the agreement. Pfeffer stated: They would have no ability to get that money back for some 10 years.

Oh yes, Saint Sanofi… Karen since you are so fond of googling and binging, google two companies who are suing Saint Sanofi, Genzyme and Elorac… basically for sandbagging their drugs and not living up to the partnership agreement. But if you really want to get a take on Saint Sanofi, who only want to help diabetics, google Sanofi and the Department of Justice to whom Sanofi had to pay $120 million one year on one suit and $99 million on another. Here’s one:" Sanofi US Agrees to Pay $109 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations of Free Product Kickbacks to Physicians" We used Apidra because it was the fastest insulin but we did not investigate the company before doing so… We are kind of a captive audience, if you know what I mean. This is a very sleezy pharma.

Sanofi-Aventis U.S. Inc. and Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC, subsidiaries of international drug manufacturer Sanofi (collectively, Sanofi US), have agreed to pay $109 million to resolve allegations that Sanofi US violated the False Claims Act by giving physicians free units of Hyalgan, a knee injection, in violation of the Anti-Kickback Statute, to induce them to purchase and prescribe the product. The settlement also resolves allegations that Sanofi US submitted false average sales price (ASP) reports for Hyalgan that failed to account for free units distributed contingent on Hyalgan purchases. The government alleges that the false ASP reports, which were used to set reimbursement rates, caused government programs to pay inflated amounts for Hyalgan and a competing product.

Another example of Saint Sanofi “helping” patients. I sure hope there are other sources for my kid’s vaccines…there is so much negative press on Sanofi
MAY 28, 2009 Sanofi-Aventis Agrees To Pay Large Settlement
Sanofi-Aventis announced on Thursday that it would pay $95.5 million in a civil settlement with the US Department of Justice and the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts for overcharging federal and local health agencies for medications.
“We will continue to ensure that programs for the most vulnerable portions of our population do not pay any more for pharmaceutical products than they should under the law,” Tony West, an assistant attorney general at the US Justice Department said in a statement on Thursday.

Aventis Pharmaceutical Inc admitted to violating the False Claims Act, which allows people who are not affiliated with the government to file actions against federal contractors claiming fraud against the government.
The drugmaker was required to release figured of the lowest price charged to com

Read more at http://www.redorbit.com/news/health/1696431/sanofiaventis_agrees_to_pay_large_settlement/#dMFlaJQOv1Q4AOJK.99

Why, for the love of diabetes support groups, do these Mannkind/Sanofi/Afrezza threads keep getting closed and then re-opened?!?!?

We are [almost] all adults here. Whenever I’ve seen anyone respond in an affectively-charged or downright inappropriate manner (and I admit that I am guilty of having done this on occasion!) other members inevitably/invariably call them out. I don’t like it when I see that threads are closed for this reason.

However, I have absolutely no qualms about threads being shut down when they contain repeated statements that are clearly sexist, racist, or homophobic. And by all means PLEASE close threads that make false claims about cures or threads that blame Type 2s for causing their diabetes!

Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t mind if the Mannkind/Sanofi/Afrezza threads were somehow combined…

Thank you for “listening”.