Improvement in your family's health after the diabetes diagnosis?

Do you consider this statement to be true? " When someone is diagnosed with diabetes, other family members seem more likely to adopt health lifestyle changes, too."

  • Yes
  • No

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I know my siblings were not thrilled with the new “diet”that came into the house with my diagnosis but we all feel into line. No one could mess around with Mom. And if I was eating spinach and beets, everyone was eating spinach and beets. The “exchange diet”brought a lot of new foods into our house and the reality of that was we were all eating better. And of course no dessert stuff in the house. We ended up not being a huge sweet family, again everyone was probably on a better path than if I hadn’t been diagnosed with diabetes. Exercise really didn’t change a whole lot. We were kids and all kids did was play outside all day. Too bad that isn’t quite the norm it was back than. So yes diabetes might have helped from a diet standpoint but I sure would have been happier without that diagnosis!

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