In need of some support and coddling

I need some support, understanding, listening and a little coddling. I don’t need to be chastised and told what I’ve done wrong. I’ve beaten myself up enough already.

Weighed in today and it wasn’t pretty. I feel as if I am fighting two battles, the “D” and then the weight.
I get one under control, and the other goes out the window. I can’t fight two at once. I am ready to give up on all of it. I gained, obviously, this week. AND my BG’s are in good shape. Now if next week, I concentrate on the sugars and not the weight, my weight will go up, again. We go through this medication switch every summer, and I wind up paying the price.

So here’s my plan, continue to take the Metformin, 2000 mg a day and amaryl, 20 mg a day. Continue to swim and bike. Continue to take my sugars 4 times a day. Continue to drink water like crazy. And continue to monitor my diet. I will take my WW’ers booklet and have them keep it, so I don’t drive myself nuts knowing that I have gained or lost…I can’t concentrate on two numbers and make it work. It causes stress in my life which doesn’t help me much. Does it sound feasible that getting the “D” under control will help the weight fall in behind as far as losing…or do I need to have yet another talk with the docs and get the meds under control?

Please be very gentle in your answers, because I have been crying about this all afternoon, and I can’t do it anymore.

Awwww ((((((((big heartfelt hugs)))))))))) It’s bloomin hard dealing with one set of numbers let alone 2, you’re doing all that you can and it must be soooo terribly frustrating and demoralising that it isn’t falling into place for you as it should, what idiot wrote ‘you reap what you sow’? because it doesn’t always work like that does it?

I am no expert, not by any means especially on T2, but am i on the right path with the thinking that insulin can make you gain weight and the more insulin your body creates the worse the weight issue can become? If you’re doing all that you can and I reckon you are perhaps it would be an idea to ask about your meds. I am sorry I can’t be more help to you but I’m thinking of you x x x

You are in my prayers. Sending hugs and positive energy your way.


I am T1 with only a limited of the effects of T2 meds. I am fighting the same fight though. I have been on this site since May and trying to keep my sugars in good control since about April. I have gained about 25 pounds in that time. I wanted to lose 30 not gain. The good news is my glucose is in the best control ever. (Imagine lots of swearing) Anyway, I am trying to stop eating to the medicine and control the meds better. That is easier with T1 than T2 because I can self adjust my meds you have to go to the doc. I am trying to keep my bg low enough to be safe. The problem is, it goes so low, I have to treat the low, and then I always overeat to treat it. You get the picture.

Your approach of watching the bg only while maintaining exercise is not a bad one. I have heard before that it is better to do the work and let the weight do what it must. Besides if you are like me you are gaining muscle which weighs more than fat and yet you might be losing inches . I try to pay more attention to waist line than scale. I am not very good at it though. I applaud your efforts and it inspires me that you are able to keep exercising.

Keep up the work you are doing; the rewards may just be a bit farther off!

Good luck!!!

You have NO idea how much I needed to hear someone say the exact words that you said. My doc told me not to look at the numbers, but this is MY life and not hers…yes she is the medical person, but emotionally, I can’t do it all, along with dealing with the day to day life of living. Thank you so much, Mark, you have helped pop part of this BIG balloon. Bless you.

Dena I can use them…this is a big Balloon to break, and slowly with the help of friends like you and others, I will get it done.

You have helped Louisa, you have solidified some things that I know I need to do. I need to go in and be a little proactive with my doc about the meds. We have been here every summer for the last four, May 1 she changes things “just to see what happens” like I’m a guinea pig, and then when the opposite happens, we go back to the beginning again — September 1…I’m not gaining weight all summer long again, only to have to lose it this winter.
No way. Thanks for the support, you have helped greatly.

Insulin will totally make you hang on to a lot of the fat that you eat. The more insulin you take the more it does it. Very hard to lose weight when on big amounts of insulin. I think the most important thing right now is to be healthy. Every thing else will fall in place if you just concentrate on being the healthiest you can be. ((HUGS)) Think Healthy

Just keep in mind that there are always someone in worse shape. I also fight both battles daily. Although, I have lost 50 pounds since the first of the year. During that time my A1c has gone from 7.7 down to 6.3. I went on a very strict HIGH fiber and low fat diet. It worked for me. Just make sure that you keep vitamins in daily use.
Good luck, and try to keep positive.

Hi Cathy, When I was diagnosed last Aug, being male and not able to multitask like the ladies, I concentrated totally on getting my BG down, I tested frequently to learn what foods in what quantity did what to me. I started with the carb count that the diabetic educator dietitian gave to me and worked down from there. Once I got my BG under control, I no longer felt hungry, the weight just started falling off blood chemistry, LDL HDL triglycerides, Dr cut my cholesterol med dose in half, all fell into line, I am probably more healthy than I have been in decades. So maybe you might give some thought into concentrating on only one and see how it goes. just my thoughts

Thanks Dave, you are on the right track, I think I am trying to take on too much and not doing well at anything.
Thank you for supporting the idea.

I agree that you do not need to be chastised and are doing anything wrong. You need a pat on the back for not giving up. I have found it to be twice as hard to loose weight now that I am on insulin. I know that I gained weight since I have been diagnosed with Diabetes. Do you see a gp or an endo? Have you thought about switching doctors? Sounds to me like you are talking to deaf ears.

Just remember one thing, we all like you just the way your are.

I am glad I could help! It is hard not to look at the scale or all the other numbers we watch so intently all day. But we have to remember what they are telling us isn’t always valuable. I hope that makes sense. I don’t care what the scale says but I would like to have an easier time getting my socks on.

Here’s to better days!

I have thought often of switching docs…problems are we live in a very rural area, where docs are few and far between.
AND the docs that are here are NOT accepting new patients. You almost feel as if you are waiting for one of their older patients to die, so you can take their spot. I have my name in at various clinics around the area, and the wait could be as much as 6 months. Not good. So, to be honest, the clinic that I go to has many grants to study diabetes in the Native culture in SD…and they have a good program, IF you are native…and my cnp does a good job, but I am thinking part of the problem is a personal one, we have been together for over 20 years…and maybe I’m being put off, because I will wait. I haven’t been very proactive in the past, but, now am very much so for myself. Maybe that knowledge is upsetting to her and the volunteer doc that comes to the clinic. I don’t know, don’t care, just want the best for me, and right now that would be answers. I have seen the endo 200 miles away…not much help there either.

Hi Cathy!

First of all - congrats on being strong enough to make the efforts you are making! Sometimes we get wrapped up in the numbers - and feel that they are a scorecard, of how “good” or “bad” we are - Rather than giving ourselves credit for continuing throughout a lifetime to make an effort that most folks would find daunting to take on for a day or a week. Kudos to you!

As a suggestion - I have found Weight Watchers (while good for weight loss, in and of itself) to be a poor choice for me as a diabetic. WW works for folks without insulin issues - but for me, the carbohydrates I’d take in were WAY too much and made my insulin needs soar (which would make me gain weight). I figured out for a while how to count points AND carbs… but add in checking sugars and calculating insulin ratios and… well, put it this way, if I LOVED math it would be a pain… and I DON’T.

My doc recommended the South Beach diet - while I’ve not yet tried that, I have found that my diet and my sugars work really well when I do a modified “low carb” diet. I watch calories - eat low carb/ high fiber/ healthy oils… (When I’m sticking to it - ahem not on vacation, or right after Carpal Tunnel surgery last week… laugh)

I’ll be back on the wagon, so to speak, next week. Say a prayer for me? :slight_smile:

I’ve had the carpal tunnel surgery on both hands — when my boys were little and I had to change diapers. Although slightly painful the day of and after…it’s a breeze after the pain of having shooting pains in your wrist. I will pray for you.

WW has been good to me, and partly because I don’t have to take insulin, yet. With my meds, it works well, and I’m very careful to not take in those carbs to excess. Seeing the nutritionist who was/is a WW’er really helped too, because we could work out something that worked for me. 52 lbs later, I think I can safely say it works for me. I’ve tried the South Beach and found it way too hard to work it in with myfamily and our budget. So that’s out. But as I say, not every plan works for everyone. and what ever helps you to take off the pounds is what works for you.

You can do it, good luck!