In the process

So right now Tandem is in the process of seeing if they can get my insurance to cover this insulin pump for me. I have so far found out that I am 100% covered so no out of pocket which is exact same thing that happened when I got my Omnipod. The issue I'm afraid of is I got my Omnipod in October 2011 two months after the birth of my son, so I'm worried they aren't going to want to cover an new insulin pump so soon. Has anyone switched from one pump to another one so soon?

I switched from OmniPod to the t:slim. It is sometimes difficult to switch pumps even after the standard 4 years. Your doctor may help here. Pump issues–difficulty seeing screen…sticking buttons…pods won’t stay on, etc? The Pod is different from other pumps in that the controller isn’t really that expensive from a replacement (insurance coverage) point of view.

I switched after more than four years; and these issues still came up. Of course, every insurance is different.

I am going back and forth deciding between monopod and tslim. Can y’all possibly tell me why you decided to switch?

Right there with you Kerri! LOL!!! I want to hear from users who have tried both. :)

My particular reasons for switching from the OmniPod

Sticking buttons

Difficulty seeing screen

Pods became seriously itchy!!!

Run of boxes of bad Pods

Mysterious shutting down of two different controllers

One user error that I experienced on multiple occasions–forgetting the PDM leaves you with NO way to Bolus or otherwise control your pump. I had meters everywhere.

If you are or become allergic to the Pod’s adhesive, you’re out of luck (with a tubed pump you can seek out a different infusion set).

I love my t:slim, which I have affectionately named Watson. My A1c dropped to 5.7!!! Everything is soooo much simpler. No more scrolled for anything.

Just one thing…the use of Apidra is contraindicated in the t:slim; although there are those who seem to be using it successfully.

After almost 4 years with the OmniPod I will be looking for a new pump for the same reasons you listed. I was hoping to be able to try the smaller pod just in case but with the constant delays I doubt I will have the chance.