Increase of BG in the morning without eating

It sounds like you are doing absolutely wonderful given the situation. Yes, her A1C is high, BUT there are plenty of us who walked around with A1Cs just as high (or higher) for years and we're fine. So please don't stress too much about that. She needs to get it down eventually, but she will be fine for now. Young children are able to tolerate higher BGs better than adults.

I don't know if you've read blogs by other parents, but I've seen so many parents of children with diabetes put stuff on their blogs about tools and kits that they put together for schools. I've seen things like flow charts and easy-to-read instructions that they put together for teachers to know what to do in different situations. I'll look around and see if I can find any examples.

That said, if she goes to a school where they have experience with diabetes, she should definitely be better off. The learning curve won't be as great.

Maybe you can also refer her teachers and school staff to blogs that parents and people with diabetes keep. It's actually a great way for some people to learn about type 1 diabetes and how it is managed (without being overly-technical). Some of my personal favorites are;;; and Maybe it would help them to read about other people and children living with diabetes so they can see how it is generally managed. You can even refer them to this site!! Who knows...maybe one or two of them might pursue it and learn something that will help your daughter or the next child with type 1 they encounter.

Regarding the may want to start the process now. I don't know how it is there, but when you get a pump here, it can be a lengthy process. Even once the approvals and insurance is dealt with, you have to wait for the pump and supplies to ship and then learn how to use it with a trainer and on your own. It may be good to get her started soon but just using saline (NOT insulin). This will allow you to see how she tolerates site changes, figure out which infusion sets are the most reliable, and help you and others learn how to operate the pump. There is a bit of a learning curve with filling reservoirs, changing sites, etc. Everyone has different tricks that work for them.

The pumps are not complicated and there are some great Youtube vidoes (like this one - that shows people operating their pumps.