Infusion Set Connection

Quick question: When changing sites, do you leave the old connector in for a bit while you get the new one up and running, or do you just pull it on out? I do the latter. Usually my absorption is bad by then anyways, so loosing a drop of insulin isnt killing me. Plus I can always bolus more if it does start affecting my overall BG. Just a curiosity question really…Thanks!!

I pull mine out…if I remember anyway. Left my old one in the other day for a few hours before I remembered it.

Davids sites never or almost never last three days, so he is always an early changer and just pulls the old site. One thing that he found helped is that he doubled the prime dosage after hearing that a lot of people felt they were losing some insulin at the time of site change and and increasing the prime over the recommended dose seems to have covered that off rather well.

It also helps to push away any tissue that might sit near the site and clog it before the usual basal dose hits.


Very cool. I just yank it. I remembered hearing that some left it in for a bit after the new one was running to make sure the insulin is absorbed. I never noticed that it helped or harmed anything either way

I remove, shower then replace. I always check my bs before I disconnect and and hour after I replace. Just want to be sure it is up and running. No set problems.

I agree. A couple of drops no problem.

I take it out and bolus 2.5u i the new set site, resulting in no change in BG no matter what time of day.

Is that how much you figure you lose while changing? I only bolus an extra 1u (well, I do as an extra fixed prime) and that seems to work well for me…

The amount that Clara would lose during a site change is minute. She pulls off her site, and we switch everything to the new. She’s disconnected less than 5 minutes.

This is the amount that I loose and includes the amount that I need to get the new site working correctly. All to often trainers, CDE, MDs and nurses don’t tell you about the physiology of how the infusion site works. The site needs to have a pool of insulin, not large, to have it be consistently absorbed when you bolus and infuse basal insulin.

This pool enables greater tissue contact with the insulin, unlike an injection with a needle.

Each person has their own amount of insulin they need to create the functioning infusion site, I did a lot of experimenting and pulling the old site only looses a small amount of insulin. I tested by not eating for a few hours before the change, to get the background insulin down to the basal dose amount, then changing he site and pushing different amounts until there was no drop or rise in BG for another 4 hours, the length of the insulin activity after the site change.

I have noticed numbers go up , after a set change , I use Sure-T’s , according to Medtronic reading material , no priming necessary …but I am questioning it for me …I tried .2 u …now experimenting more .6 u still not enough for me .
I am not sure if the proper wording for me is " loosing insulin " ; I am not off the pump that long …the reason S Woodward " the physiology of how the infusion site works. The site needs to have a pool of insulin, not large, to have it be consistently absorbed when you bolus and infuse basal insulin." seems to make sense .
My pump Nurse states " experience is the best teacher and you need to pay attention to that "

It appears .8 u priming( Sure-T) worked for me today …a few more tests with set changes will tell the story !