Input on Insulin Pumps Requested

My 14 year old daughter has decided after resisting all this time that she wants a pump. the obvious question is which one to choose. if anyone would like to give me any ideas as to why they chose theirs and how it is going as well as any negative feedback, it would be much appreciated.

thanks so much for the replies,

kindly, David Morrison

Well, I use Medtronics Paradigm 723. Omnipod sent me the pod to wear and try out. It was way to bulky for me! I live in Florida and so, my attire is always beachy. The Omnipod was difficult to conceal! I don't mind the medtronics tubing. I also didn't like that I needed to carry another piece of equipment in my purse. My minimed is small enough to conceal and all in one. I do not wear a sensor bc I would rather keep myself on track with my diet and bgchecks. Plus, I didn't want to have to find another site. Good luck with the research. Love,Peace and Broccoli!!

here's a good group to join that has plenty of discussions on the different pumps

I have the Accu-chek Spirit, I've been using their pumps for 21+ years, love it obviously, I like having the security of a second pump for those very rare times when something goes wrong, and their customer service is just wonderful.

When David got his pump 5 years ago, he did not have an option. The pump educators in the pediactric clinic were trained solely on Medtronic's pump. If your daughter has several options to choose from, see if her clinic can set up some pump "trials" to help her decide. David qualifies for a replacement this March, I'll be surprised if he gives much consideration to trying a pump other than a Medtronic pump, assuming he'll have a choice on pumps, this time around. His pump start when he was 14 was a last second rush to startup March break after having waited on a wait list for close to two years, so he didn't even get to choose the colour. C'est la vie... what he received has worked really well for him.

I looked at all the pumps on the market. I eliminated the Omnipod right away because it seemed to me to be vulnerable to knock off, due to the kind of work that I do. I chose the Animas Ping. I liked the colour screen for my old eyes. While it takes a few more button pushes execute a command, there are a lot of fail safe features to it. I liked the fact that the pump could be hidden and the meter can control the pump. (Thus the name 'Ping!')
I liked their infusion set as well, as it has an inserter that is an all-in one feature, not a separate appliance. I have had no trouble becoming accustomed to the tubing, and have had no trouble with catching the tubing on outside objects. The Animas staff seemed as if they were genuinely interested in working with me in helping to get approval for the pump from my insurance carrier, and the training that I received was next to none. The pump is easy to run, program and maintain. Animas service, although occasionally bashed on various pages, has been nothing but stellar for me.

I think your daughter would like a pump, compared to the hassle of MDI. I was glad not to have to take seven shots each day, and to let the pump do that for me. Eating is easier, the meter has a Calorie King food catalog in it for carb counting, and it will even calculate carbs for you, providing the food is in the catalog. Both the pump and the meter are programmable to your needs and the tracking software works well. I bring my Laptop to each endo appointment. The Ping comes in cool colours, too! :)

I have tried the Ping and Medtronic. I believe if those two companies merged, then the best pump would be available. I liked the ping because of the remote, I hated the clip that came with mine, it was always falling off and breaking. I also thought there were too many button pushes to bolus and that too many steps were needed for site changes (I happened to lose the black cap that goes over the reservoir during a site change, I still have no idea if it got lost in the trash or down my kitchen sink - that's a scary thing that happens when you're rushing)

I like the Medtronic because it's more streamlined features for bolusing, easier to quick bolus, easier site changing although the new Revel has kind of changed my view on that as well but doesn't make too much of a difference. I really like how the CGM is integrated, but I miss the remote option.

Ultimately, the features are similar but if I was given the choice again I would go with the Revel, even if I didn't have the CGM. The pretty colors or LCD screen don't make me want to go back to the Ping, the function of MM is what brings me back. I don't need to call CS often, but I haven't had a problem with MMs CS. I think the best thing would be for your daughter to do a trial with whoever you guys are considering, that is the only way to figure out what features are best for her. Good luck!

Oh, and I knew the ominpod would never work for me because I didn't even want to try the sample pod. I took one look at the thing knew it wasn't for me, my doctor even gave me one to take home. I have heard a lot more people unhappy with them than happy. With MM and ping it seems to be more 50/50 at least.

And one more thing, I never considered a pump til after I saw other people with pumps at my diabetes camp. I was probably 14 when I first starting pumping and it was all my choice to start it up after seeing it on others. That may also be something to help her get motivated as well.

I was recently recommended to go onto a pum p regime by my Endocrine Specialist. The practice ahve many reps from all the pump suppliers but both the Doctor and the RN suggested I try their Medtronic they also recommended I should use a CGM. I have to say that now I'm using it I would not want to go back to injecting myself every day. The CGM sends a signal to the pump and I can see my Glucose readings right on the screen. The pump is small and can easily be "hidden" in a pocket if desired. I was a little hesitant when first reviewing the processes involved in connecting the pump and the CGM, but to be honest it really is relatively simple and after years of sticking myself withn needles 3 times a day the thought of infusion sets and CGM sensor insertions was not a worry. I reviewed a lot of comments on Youtube before I finally decided to go the pump route....but it was a good decision.