Insensitive Endo

I was told by a good diabetes doc that it’s totally normal to gain up to 30 pounds even in the first few months and it’s not all just gain because of the “now you’re actually getting all your calories you’re eating since you’ve got insulin in you again”. He said a lot of it can be insulin edema. Your body has been dehydrated and freaking out (think how traumatic it is for your body to live without enough insulin for weeks or months) and now your muscles can fill back up with glycogen and your salt balance can return to normal, etc. Often there’s a sort of overcompensation at first, making it look like you’re gaining a lot. But even barring that, it’s totally normal to gain some weight at the start! Don’t let an insensitive doc make you feel bad. I’ve let them upset me far too many times.

Oh yes. My doctor keeps telling me to lose wight… but I lost a LOT of weight when I was put on the pump. I order all these test to make sure I was eatting and if I was to make sure I was not purging. I just could not believe I just lost weight. But now I am at a steady weight (with a little lose her and there) and now he thinks I am over eatting. I love my dr but he is a little sensitve

THIS HAPPENED TO ME! Was this dr in Texas?

I am not make an accusse for this dr. But remeber you are only seeing (hearing in this case) one part of his day.

I was told the first time I met my endo that I needed to lose 10 lbs. At that time I was almost 16 maybe 120 lbs and wearing the second to the smallest size in junior clothing. It was crazy. To drop 10lbs I would have had to quit eating. What gets me still to this day is that he didn’t even say that directly to me, he said it to his interns. I wish I had a picture to show how skinny I was when all this happened. Now I can only dream of being that small again.

Some doctors really can be jerks at times.

The exact same thing happened to me with the weight and the doctor responded the same way. I think it’s just standard procedure.

I think you should ask the doc what to do about it, how to get that balance. without gainingg weight. How many carbs are you supposed to have with exercise lasting how much time? And what kind of exercise… jogging walking? Everyone is different, but you can ask for starters …what does she suggest? That’s what they get the big bucks for.