Inset is stuck. Help?

I have an Animas Ping. I inserted my site like normal but I can’t get the inset off. When I try it hurts. Any ideas? Has anyone else had this happen?

When I need to change the site of my 3 yr old, either…

  1. if it’s summer and we went to the pool, I take it out as soon as we get out of the pool
  2. she takes a bath (I fill the tub, she sits down and plays) when she is done it’s much easier to get it out…

when it’s been on the water for a while it’s much easier, hope it helps !!!

Goo gone or orange oil, even nail polish remover ( but it might irritate your skin, and wash it off asap.)

I use the Animas Ping, too. (And, love the EZ BG and EZ Carb features)

#1) Are you saying you can’t pull the inserter out of the inset, just after inserting?
#2) Or, are you trying to remove the inset to replace it? Sorry, I just don’t want to assume.

IF #1 – it could be that you’ve hit some particularly sensitive nerves and may need to just take a deep breath and remove the inset, then insert another one at least an inch away. If you can’t remove the inserter, I recommend that you call Animas directly - phone # is one the back of the Ping and the pump.

IF #2 – is it the surface of the skin that hurts because the adhesive is so strong? Sometimes it does hurt, like a band aid that is stuck on tightly. I simply use my (clean) fingernail to work up the edges where I can then pull it off gently as possible.

OR, is the pain from within or under the skin? Redness? Sometimes, the area gets particularly sensitive and painful due to the body’s reaction to the foreign object (the inset) being in there too long, or maybe from inadequate sanitation prior to insertion (germs in the insertion site). Take a deep breath or two, then go ahead and remove the inset, and wipe the area of the hole with alcohol (it will sting, but you’ll be okay). If you have difficulty healing or are prone to infections or if it doesn’t heal within a day or so, call your doctor’s office.

I hope this helps.

Those are good adhesive removers, but there is concern over them getting into the skin at the inset site. It would be very important to not let the adhesive removers come near the little hole left by the inset. :o)

I had just put in a new site, and couldnt get the inserter off.

The needle was stuck in the tube and wouldn’t come out. I called Animas, they suggested I go to the ER. I used UniSolve and shoved it down it to unstick the new site and just took the whole thing out and started over.

Thanks though.

I would just rip the damn thing off. ER is over kill, but I guess they need to watch their backs. But Its interesting, I have never had this issue. Ill keep an eye on it. Was it a straight set or the inset 30?

iv had this problem many many times, im using silhouette sets from minimed, i asked my doc one day and she told me that i was holding my silserter at a little too much of an angle and after that i never had a problem or soo, lol

Jaime: I’m SO glad you got the problem solved. I’ve been using the Ping with straight sets and the 30s (depending on whether the area is more fatty or lean) since October last year, and have had the needle get slightly stuck a couple times with the 30s. I did use brute strength, but was afraid to suggest it to you, in case it would cause you further harm or something.

What is Unisolve?

Robert: I appreciate telling us how you solved it.