Insights into the Canadian Healthcare System

Hi All - for any of those interested in the different approaches to the healthcare system of Canada versus the USA. After moving from the states to Canada I am learning first hand experience. Take a quick read below! thanks!

Hello Bram , for a bit of a broader update you may like to read some more detailed info .

I have to be honest Your insurance sounds pretty darn good. You have not really said whether they are going to cover all your pump supplies and all at 100%, but if they do and you have an option of just continuing, I would really be tempted.

Thanks Nel, I will check it out. I still need to get more specifics on what devices/supplies are covered. I will keep posted. One awesome perk that I will share soon is that my wife and I each get $300 a year towards each of: massage, acupuncture, naturopath, chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist, and psycologist. pretty wild.

I always find it really interesting to see how other health care systems work! I'm from New Zealand where our insulin and test strips are fully subsidised (just have to pay presciption cost) so find it interesting to compare!

Hi Shonelle - Yes I think my move to Canada will be an eye opener, but would also love to hear how other countries do it as well. It has always been an interest since being diagnosed.