Insulin and toddlers?


Lol!!! I’ll get that bottled right up!




Hi Christina my son was diagnosed back in May at only 17 months and it was really hard doing injections in the beginning but everyday it gets a lil bit easier but honestly at such a young age I don’t think they will ever just sit still and not fuss. Nobody likes needles especially kids. I have found a lil trick that works for me, when it’s insulin time I let him have something to drink usually crystal light since there’s no carbs and he loves the grape flavor and I put one of his favorite shows on my phone right beside him and that usually keeps him pretty distracted. I put his lil blanket on his belly so he can’t see what I’m doing and I put a pillow on his legs and gently rest my arm so I don’t have to physically hold him down, I also try and do the injection as fast as possible count to 3 and go, sometimes I take too long due to stressing on making sure it’s at the right angle n not wanting to hurt him in any kind of way but if I take to long he starts catching on.



Our 3year old now 4 was just dx 2 weeks ago. We have this and it is a miracle. My 4 year old doesn’t even flinch anymore. We have to keep her from playing with it. I know everyone says rotate sights but believe me figuring out what works best for her is worth it. Our Endo is trying to get us on the pump and DEXCOM asap. I feel your pain mommy. There is nothing that prepares you for those cries. Please message me if you need anything. I’m in the same boat as you. Just figuring this out. This place is a godsend.


Hi @Type1Mom4 same was true 50+ years ago for me!! I was 5, but only had to endure 1 injection per day (Lente) for first 20 years. But needles were larger back then and I was distracted by a toy or book while injection was done. I always thought it was harder on my mom than me !!!