Insulin Drop after giving birth

Hi everyone. I am 39 weeks and about to pop! :)

Can you please share how your insulin dropped after delivery?

What did you do? Just stop taking insulin when you were delivering and then monitor blood sugars and adjust the dose from scratch? Go back to the pre-pregnancy dose of insulin?

I will be breastfeeding and plan to get back into aerobic and endurance exercise as soon as I am able after the delivery.

I am now on 100+ units a day (50 Humalin, 50+ of Humalog). I somehow doubt that I would need no insulin after the pregnancy (though my endo somehow seems to think that may be the case, as he keeps referring to me having GDM)....

Before pregnancy I was taking about 12 units of Humalin-N (split into 2 doses for basal) and humalog for carbs with a ratio of about 1:20.

I'd love to know the answer too. Good luck with the delivery, SuperSally!

I'm on an insulin pump,for labor I was on an insulin drip.(and they handled everything,which I'm glad of, because they had to triple my basal rate during labor..blood sugars didn't drop at all) Shortely after delivery, I guess they knocked back the rate but I was too out of it to care.7 hours after my C-section,they disconnected the IV & I went back to pumping. I used my pre-pregnancy basal rates & a carb ratio of half of what I took pre-pregnancy. (so around 1:30, 1:40)That worked well,for the most part.(had to make a few basal adjustments) I am sensitive to insulin but it still didn't get me completely off it. Still, it was less then I used pre-pregnancy.Took around 65-70 units in the 3rd trimester,I don't think that it really matters how much you take in terms of not requiring any insulin at all after delivery.(for a type 1, or unless you're pretty lucky) Now, it's about what it was pre-pregnancy (oddly, I haven't found BF to contribute to lows) Best of luck for a happy, healthy delivery & I look forward to seeing a picture!

My endo instructed me to cut all of my basal rates for the day by 25% starting immediately after the birth. This provided a very rough starting point to creating new basal rates, as I found that my blood sugars went on many crazy roller coaster rides after that, partly due to breastfeeding. We sort of had to start from scratch to implement new basal rates. Now, 2 1/2 months post-partum, I am still slightly below my pre-pregnancy insulin totals for the day, but I've done a lot of tinkering. I agree with you that you may need some insulin (not just dropping cold turkey after the baby is born) but it may take some trial and error to learn exactly how much and when. Although, I would think that your endo would help you with this.

During labor, I basically kept everything (basals/boluses) the same as at the very end of pregnancy and just monitored extremely closely. I actually wore my pump and my cgm throughout labor and I had no problem keeping my blood sugars stable throughout.

Best of luck with the birth! You can do it! :)

I am on an insulin pump and had a scheduled c-section. I kept my pump on and left my basals where they were throughout delivery and recovery. I tested every 20-30 minutes from the time I checked into the hospital, and my husband took over once we got to the operating room and into recovery. I reduced my basals to pre-pregnancy doses once I saw my blood sugars dropping, which was about six hours after delivery.

Over the course of the next few days, and particularly after my milk came in and we got onto a nursing schedule, I had to keep reducing my basal rates, but my bolus and correction factors are where they were pre-pregnancy. My little girl is almost eight weeks old, and I stabilized at about 65-70% of my pre-pregnancy basal rate. However, I still do go low from breastfeeding from time to time, sometimes once a day. It's just not predictable as to when because it depends on when and how long she nurses (taking an on demand approach). I have drank more apple juice in the past eight weeks than I ever have in my entire life (avoiding citrus because I have a fussy/gassy baby and avoiding citrus, and dairy, and peanuts is supposed to help).

I think my numbers are creeping up a little, but I'm not sure if it's because I'm not paying enough attention to what I'm eating or because my basal rates are going back up. However, my A1c last week was still 5.3, so I'm not particularly worried...yet,

Good luck and for sure, everyone is different, so take this with a grain of salt :)