Insulin from community medical centers in california

I take lantus and humalog. I pay $90 for one pen of 3 ML lantus at walgreen after my medicare part D insurance. I live in california. I read somewhere that insulin at community medical centers are very cheap. May be they have their own pharmacy, may be the prescription at Community Center are subsidized. Anyone has experince in this matter???

I’ve no idea what they charge, but have u checked Costco?

If your running on the border of not having insulin, just know that you can get NPH (long acting) and R (regular short acting) over the counter at Walmart as a substitute. But, you ought to talk to a Doc if you think you might need to go down this route (if your not old enough to have taken NPH and R before).

Otherwise, I think Dave is right about Costco being the cheapest supplier.

Looks like you could give them a call. I searched for them on the internet through JDRF.


Let us know what you find out.

Ouch. Here in Australia we get 5 boxes of 3mL cartridges or pens (i.e. 25 cartridges) for $40 in a single prescription.

In the area I moved from in Southern California, Inland Empire area and LA had a lot of free clinics around, even a mobile truck free clinic. There was a heavy population of illegal immigrants. They would hand out free or hugely discounted insulin. But they would run out or not always have a variety. I know one of the insulins they almost always carried was Lantus.

They would have signs up, otherwise I am unsure how to find them.

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