Insulin injection sites causing indents in tissue

Has anyone else experianced this?

My 8 year old dauter Molly has on both her arms indents where we used to give her injections. Doctors has not to worry but now that she is on pump she the areas on her belly are now starting to do the same.

I am wondering if its maybe the type of insulin ( novirapid ) has anyone else had a similar problem and found out what it is.



Do you know much about it and is there something we can do shoulld we ask to change insuline type ?

I’m type 1, 42 years, and have scar tissue from all the “pokes” over the years. I keep a separate log of my infusion sites to make 100% sure I don’t insert a site within a square inch of where I’ve been in 30 days. I change my set every other day, occasionally I go a third day, but I usually regret it. I use emla cream so I don’t feel a thing when I insert a new set. I use Humalog, and MM320 sets, which have the 6 mm cannula instead of the 9mm. (I still have a bunch of the 9mm MM315, so I use them in the fattiest areas.)