Insulin Pens

I am looking to switch from syringes to insulin pens. I am just looking for any advice you guys might have. I am looking for a pen for humalog and lantus. Are the disposable or the reusable ones better? Are there different brands, if so which ones are better? Any info you can give me would be awesome!

There are a bunch of different pens. From talks with my Diabetic Educator I can tell you that a pre-filled pen is by far easier to buy and use. The benefits of a reusable pen are small, and the cartriges can be hard to find. Talk to your endo about free offers and saline trials you can test in their office, there are usually coupons in “Diabetic Living” too. Personally, I have used the Humalog Kwik Pen, Lantus Solostar, Novolog Pen and the original Humalog Pen.

The convenience of a prefilled pen is SO nice. Just grab and go, and you are set for the whole day! You also have a huge supply waiting, preloaded in your fridge!

My favorite pen by far is the original Humalog pen, mostly because it releases the whole dose once you release it, instead of slowly releasing as you push down the dial. The Lantus pen is a little prone to sticking or jamming if you don’t press it down “just so” I definately prefer the Novolog pen in terms of its smooth release.

I recap my needles for disposal (some clip them) and I have accidentally jabbed myself in the hand once or twice from sloppy recapping. Really not that big of a deal, just thought you should know!
Other than that, the variety of pen needles is great…longer or shorter or larger or smaller gauge…its great! I love the Novofine needles, tiny and by far my favorite.

Hope this helps!
feel free to ask if you hcae any questions!

Before I switched to the pump, I used the disposable Novolog pens for my meal boluses. MAJOR improvement over the ol’ syringe and vial method, in my opinion. Much smaller needles, much, MUCH more convenient on the go.

No real advice here, but its a nice switch. I know that everyone has reasons for and against, but I would suggest looking into the pump if its an option for you. Literally life-changing.

I have been using the pens for a while. I would suggest the change. Less Diabetic Trash, Carries better in your purse. Hope that helps. Also much easier to dial up your dose.

Hey, I’ve been on the Insulin Pens since i was first diagnosed 4 yrs back. The pens have definitely been easy to use and based on what i’ve heard, way better than syringes.

I use two pens, the ‘Levemir’ for my base (daily) and the ‘Novolog Flexpen’ (3x/day). I carry them around in a pencil case along with a bunch of needles. (The novafine needles are easy and relatively pain free). When it’s time for my shot, just screw in a needle, dial up the units and your ready to go. As Maia said, its also nice having your backups in your fridge.

Note that the backup pens need to be refrigerated and you keep the pens you are using away from direct sun etc etc

I’m currently using the pens, but next week, I’m starting the pump. I have to say that at first I didn’t like the pens, but now, it’s so much easier and less stuff to haul around. The pens fit nicely in pockets of pants, small purses (like when going out it’s great!), or wherever you need to stash one. Plus it’s only 3ml of insulin verses 10ml so if you’re on a lower dose, there’s less waste over the vials. And the novofine needles are pretty much painless!