Insulin pill

Denmark-based Novo Nordisk A/S is doing human trials on an insulin pill for both T1 and T2. The pill uses GIPET, gastrointestinal permeation enhancement technology, to deliver insulin intact until it gets into the small intestine to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. I’m interested to know how many of you would give up your shots to try this if the trials prove to be successful?

And give up my pump ?..depending on the cost , side effects if any ?
Who knows…

You bet I would! In a heartbeat.

I would, though I wonder if it would work for me because I have gastroparesis.

No scar tissue to worry about & more convenient.

There’s also an insulin aerosol spray that’s absorbed through the mouth tissue. It’s been used in some Asian countries for several years. A problem with this is that it doesn’t stick around long & requires two doses per meal. I posted about this a couple weeks ago.

IF this is successful, yes, I know DN would be interested, but, how do you handle greatly variable basals if you are not using the pump? For instance, lowest basal at the moment is 1.15 and highest 2.9 per hour. She is almost a teen and this is a growth spurt. TDD 70 units past two days, usually 45 to 50. So how would you take care of the basals?

It depends, most pills disagree with my GI system, that’s why I hated Metformin before MD realized I was Type 1. I would also worry if it was the wrong dose since it would take awhile to work and awhile to wear off again.

I imagine it would be the same as taking an incorrect dose of injected insulin. Nothing we can do about this either, except correct it. Maybe this pill works quickly, but wonder how quickly anything could be that has to travel to the small intestine for absorption.

For me it would clearly depend on whether the delivery of insulin was more reliable or more consistent. Injections are not my biggest concern, but if it could offer better control or more effective insulin then I would be interested.

I would not switch for convenience.