Insulin potency after warming up

If a vial of insulin in the fridge gets warm (power out due to Ian?) how can you tell if it is still potent other than by using it and seeing that it isn’t working?

You cannot simply tell by looking at it or any chemical test.

However, it is unlikely it will go bad before about 28 days unless it is frozen or the temperature exceeds 86 degrees. It is important to monitor those parameters.

The issue is that if you have a large amount of insulin and it all gets to room temperature that effectively will start the 28 day count down. One way to work that is to use a cooler with ice.

Here is a good 2019 discussion about the issue.

There are some temperature sensors that can be used. This is the one I know about.

Thank you! This is great info. Best info I’ve seen on how much “margin for error” you really have on short term (few hours±) above 46 degrees. I can cope with this, using the styrofoam box and ice packs I already have on hand.

And the smart app idea is cool too. Pity it’s sold out at the moment! OTOH I was never going to get one in hand before Ian gets here anyway!

You might get one before the next one rolls down the pike. I hope it works out in the future.