Insulin Resistance

Just had my check up and endo says I have insulin resistance. I take novolog insulin through pump and metformin. i take psych pills which are causing resistance. i am pumping 80 + units a day through basal alone and about 120 units a day total. What can I do to lose weight? What can I do to use less insulin? I used to pump 38 units a day and weighed 155 lbs. Now I weigh 230 and use about 120 units. What happened? Do I just need to run a bunch and eat low carb?

You may find that being on Metformin causes you to drop some weight–I sure did, about 10 pounds. Also watch out for exercise lows while on this med and keep some fast carbs handy when you do exercise.

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I’m in the same boat. The things I’ve found that help (but it’s a slow climb back down) is 2k mg of Metformin a day, weight lifting and walking, LCHF diet, plenty of water, and keeping the calories down to a minimum that is still healthy.

I have to be very, very strict about sticking to my routine or else I start to need more insulin again and gain weight super fast. It is very frustrating!

Good luck to you.

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Combo of approaches probably. Definitely low carb will help reduce meal time insulin. GLUCOPHAGE (bernstein recommends the original, not the generic), and exercise (daily cardio,and and a few times a week resistance) should also help the insulin resistance. This is a hard place to be. It will take time, but you can do it.

The first thing us to stop the gaining. Second is to start losing (slowly is ok).