Insulin through the mail?

Hi everyone!!

I am wanting to know if anyone gets their insulin through the mail. My insurance is now requiring that I do this. My doctors have told me to avoid getting my insulin through the mail, they said it could get damaged. I have run out of options and I think I am going to have to get my Novolog through the mail, or get rid of my t-slim insulin pump. I'm just wanting some opinions or advice on this. Thank you!!!


I've gotten mine through the mail just fine. they should know how to properly pack it. I also don't have any problem with deliveries, as I'm home a lot, and they can just leave it by the door.

Yes, mine has come from mail order for years and never a problem. As Marie said, they should know how to pack it, mine come with ice packs, and the carrier is aware it is perishable. If there is an issue, you can just call the mail order and report, Chelsea. I have never had to call and report an issue.

I have gotten it through the mail for well over 15 years, maybe 20+. My only problem is the over packing they do. Plus way more cool paks than needed. One pak is always still frozen and the others plenty cold. I have used all the fed services which change every few years, usually between Medco and Caremark. I have never had a single problem getting it on time and in great shape.

Has anyone ever ordered from the non-US mail order pharmacies on the Internet?? Such ad or ? They don’t bill insurance, but offer huge savings so I’ve always thought they might be a good option for someone without insurance. Their shipments have to clear customs though, which apparently means 2-3 weeks in shipment. I’ve contacted them and asked about shipping insulin with such long transit times and they say they do it all the time and have never had an issue, still I’m a little skeptical…

Thank you all for your help!!

If it comes cold. It should be just fine. If it is warm then send it back.
Right now the weather is cool so it’s not an issue but in summer I pick mine up the old fashioned way

I get my insulin through the mail and have done for more than 5 years. Never had a problem with it, it is always packed on ice in a thermal cooler and even in the summer it has been cold. My mail order pharmacy is Walgreens but I used to use Express Scrips and have also used Bio Scrip but I think they have been bought out. In any case I get 3 months supply or 4 bottles of novolog at a time never had an issue.

I currently get my insulin from local pharmacy (same price as mail order), but in the past have used mail order for many years. They usually shipped with ice/freezer packs. I ordered 90 day supply, and could re-order 60 days from previous order. So during the summer months, I would try to time the orders to avoid June-August delivery when possible. Never had a problem with bad insulin.

I switched to my ins mail order because the copay was $10 cheaper, now I can only get 22 day supply from local pharmacies for most things I think.. insulin may be an exception in an emergency. I have had no problems so far. It is packed in a styrofoam cooler with ice packs and they ship it on 1 day shipping I think- they also email me the day before it will ship and say when approximately it will arrive. It is also labeled to refrigerate immediately.

you are welcome! I hope you get to keep your t-slim!!

Yes, Medco for 10+ years, no problems. They ship to my office, and everyone knows to put it in the fridge.

LOVE LOVE LOVE mail order!! I get ALL my medication through mail order and it is the best decision I ever made. I get 3 months worth of insulin, syringes, test strips, pen needles and whatever else I might need. The medication is always packed well in "protecto packages" with lots of cooling. Never had a problem and have been getting it this way for about 2 years. I do have a local pharmacy I use for a compound that I can also use for immediate needs (like a medical procedure that requires something outside of the normal). Mail Order is fantastic!!! Never used a non-covered/non-US pharmacy though (as mentioned by Sam).