Insurance companies what a pain

well after what i hap to go to to get my son the new pdm. to replace the broken one. i just found out that our new insurance company will not cover the omnipod so my son has to switch to either animas or minimed. he is so mad he does not want those tudes and so am i. you see i was layed off from my job in july so i was forced to get different insurance for my family. thanks to this lovely ecconomy. i tried to tell the insurance company that once i went back to work (which should be soon) that i would be going right back to the omni pod so it think that it would be more cost effective for them to just pay for the pods for a few months rather than a $6000 but that didn’t fly. so anyways we reluctantly choose the animas ping and i guess we will just ave to live with it for alittle while. it was either that or go back to shots and that was out of the question.

HI Tiffany! When you lost you job, you should have called the insurance company and tell them you wanted the plan anyway. It’s called the Cobra plan and all you had to was pay the premuims every month. I think you keep it for 6 up two years but I’m not for sure on that part. I think it depends on the State that you live in. Also I’ll look for some resources for you because I know there is some out there for children but I can’t think of it right now. Sorry. The resources will pay some of it or all. I can’t remember! I’ll get back to you later today. :}:}:}:}

Hi Tiffany! Hopefully this will help you out! Try the Children’s Miracle Network and Troy Aikman Foundation. Hopefully they will help you pay some of of the new omnipod for your son. It doesn’t hurt to try but I’m still looking.

Hi Tiffany! I haven’t heard from Jenni yet. So I thought I’ll get you her email addy so you can email her and ask about helping your son get a new insulin pump.

Good Luck!

shawna thanks i could have gotten the cobra but just could not afford it. I do have the kids on a government run insurance now but it will not cover the omnipod so that is why we had to switch to the animus. They consider omnipod a disposible pump. I do appreciate your comments.