Insurance coverage changes

I switched insurance companies this year and was just checking the new company's rx coverage and formulary lists for my rx's coverage. Their list prefers Novolog to my current Humalog and Accu-Chek or One Touch to Freestyle. I feel certain my Endo will ask for an override, but I'm curious if others have successfully got those overrides? (I know - probably depends on the insurance company.) But more importantly, I'd be curious to hear of anyone who switched form Humalog to Novalog and what were the differences they found?

I had the opposite switch of going from Novolog to Humalog. You might find that Novolog seems to be a little more bubbly in the vial, but it works great and I personally didn't have any noticeable differences in my numbers. As for the test strips, I was able to have my doctor submit an "exception form" or something like that and get the Freestyle test strips covered since they were integrated in the pump.

I put my foot down and my doc did an override. humalog and novolog behave differently for me. and yes, mine was the opposite where they wanted to switch me from novolog to humalog

It's not necessary to switch insurance companies to see this kind of nonsense - the same insurance company will switch suppliers too.

But does an "override" mean that the item is billed in the same way as the preferred item? I didn't check this with BCBS; they preferred Bayer products (until this year) and so I got Contour test strips at zero cost. If I'd got a prescription for FreeStyle for the PDM they would have been billed as non-preferred and I would have paid some large percentage of the sticker price. Does an override mean that a non-preferred supplier is treated as 'preferred'?

I pay a copay of $15 for scrips.the override means that the doc works their magic, writes a letter of medical necessity and I still only pay $15

I guess I was lucky. I saw zero difference between the two.

I have switched from Humalog to Novolog with no real problems. Since everyone reacts differently, you should watch your numbers for a while and make adjustments with your Endo, but I do not think you will have any great problems.

I went through more grief than I care to recount here in the Discussion Group to get Freestyle strips, but in the end if you and your Endo are persistent, you should be able to get Freestyle strips. How your insurance company makes you pay for them is up to them. I have UMR and was able to get the override, so I just pay what I would pay for the preferred brand. Good luck!

We are getting ready to switch from Apidra to Humalog due to insurance requirements. I'm a little nervous. My son is the T1. I was able to get an override from his endo for the freestyle strips. Good luck!