Insurance problems

Has anyone had alot of trouble getting your insurance company to approve the Omnipod for you? Mine seems to be holding out on the fact that I’m not currently on MDI. I was using Byetta, so wouldn’t that count? Hopefully with some more information and a letter from my Dr. they will change their minds. I’m excited to start on a new diabetic adventure!

Thanks, Nancy

Hello Nancy!!

I had issue’s with my insurance approving the OmniPod! I think the issue with my insurance was there wasn’t any documentation of me being a type 1 or using insulin. I have Type 1.5/LADA and was on oral med’s until January of this year. Tricare denied my first attempt. I appealed and won!!! I have the letter I wrote to them if you would like to see it…Nancy, if I were you I would right a letter to your insurance company also. It’s a little different when it comes from the Patient.

Hope this helps


Hi Nancy
We got our 14 yr old daughter’s Omnipod on Friday - after months of fighting our insurance.
2 denials and 1 appeals hearing (that never took place :slight_smile:
See all comments/etc. on the forum :

Insurance denies Omnipod application 19 Replies Started by Brenda. Last reply by Janet Jun 1.

We are excited about the Omnipod and I hope you will not give up on your new adventure.
Good luck!!!

Thanks so much Cherise! I would love to see your letter, it may help me format one. I love your blog too!

Thank you Brenda! How is Kim liking it so far? I’m like her, I do not want to consider another pump. I have a friend who it type 1 and has a minimed, and I do not want to be tethered by tubing, like she is. Hopefully I will know more the first of this week.

Thanks again…Nancy

Tomorrow’s the day! My Insulet rep said that he should have an answer from my insurance company. I can’t wait…I hope it’s good news!