Insurance recommendations for US federal employees?

Hi folks! Long time lurker, first time poster…

I just got married and my spouse is a federal employee. I’m moving to her insurance plans because even her most expensive options are similarly priced to my basic coverage with my employer.

Can any other FEHB folks with more experience chime in with what works for them? Biggest concerns are coverage for my Dexcom G6 and Omnipods. All of the prescription checkers say they don’t cover Dexcom, but I’ve seen older posts from folks indicating otherwise. Are they still processing it as DME through the main coverage, rather than prescription benefits?



I think G6 will be mostly non-durable. Right?

State and Fed plans tend to be the best in the biz, but I might encourage you to have both plans now in case someone gets laid off. I know that sounds expensive, but it will rock your world if she gets laid off.

I can’t think of any problems. Usually if I have consistent problems with a plan or if I have to really go toe to toe with them on something, I don’t forget.
There may be some minor headache if you were type 2 but shouldn’t have any issues with being Type 1.

In what area do you live?

The bigger, national plans are essentially self-insured plans, so the profit is lower for the insurance companies. That means you’re generally getting better bang for your buck.

I do not use a pump, but I use a Dexcom. I’ve used that under three different FEHB plans. In fact, I’ve never been denied the Dexcom.

I would call the plans with benefits that interest you and ask about the Omnipod and Dexcom.

The postal plans often have very rich benefits. They’re available to federal employees- you just have to pay $30-40 per year for union dues. I would consider those plans to be some of the best in the program.

G6 is considered durable medical equipment under every FEHB plan that I’ve been enrolled in.

Yea, I had to think about it. Your right. Omnipod is non-durable because it only lasts 3 days. Sensor lasts WAY longer, so its durable. I think its confirmed DME, @troutforbrains. Thanks, katers.

Between Fed Blue Cross and Medicare my G6 is paid for.