I have recently switched insurance carriers, from Blue Cross NJ. to Blue Shield Ca, employment change. With the New Jersey Blue my pods were covered under the pharmacy benefit. Does anyone have experience with Blue Shield Ca. and podding? I am thinking it's going to be another nines hoops of fire again.

Thanks, Jeff

Insulet figured out a similar problem with me. I am insured under Blue Cross Blue Shield TX, but live in Oklahoma. BCBS TX does not cover the pods, but since I live in Oklahoma where BCBS Oklahoma covers the pods they were able to "grandfather" (not right term, but close) my coverage into BCBS TX. Not quite the same as your situation, but talk it over with Insulet and see if they can figure out some fancy footwork way to make it cover like they did with mine.

Thanks Scott, yep, just got of the phone with Insulet's re-order dept. Very efficient person. She's going to handle every thing. Will keep my fingers crossed, I'm down to seven pods.

I have been told my insurane is only covering 5 boxes of pods in 90 days. 5 boxes is not nearly enough, I use 130 - 150 units of insulin per day. My biggest problem right now is that the boxes contain ten pods eache. I have got to get some pods from somewhweer. I am back on 4 shots per day. If anyone can tell me where I can get some extra pods at least sone last unntil my deductiblre is met. My other problem came in that I was recently scammed out of $2700 dollars and don't have the money to pay for the pods until I can get my bills caught up.

I know how you feel, I am on high doses as well, and a months supply of pods for me is 2 boxes at the very least. my insurance only covers 90% of the pods, so it gets to be expensive.

I got a call back from Insulet, turns out pods will cost me less under Blue Shield Ca. then my previous Blue Cross New Jersey.

Thats good.