Intense Itching

I have always had a problem with fungus. It is in my nails big time as well as tinea on my skin.

However, I have had incredible itching for the last few weeks. it moves all over my body and becomes very intense at night. Occasionally I see red patches that disappear as the itching dissipates. I have resorted to Benadryl to get some sleep.

I do not think that is an allergy as I have not changed any prescriptions, foods, laundry soap, etc. My doc is doing more blood work to rule out other problems.

I have been doing more hiking and consuming more high sugar foods lately- like dried fruit - and I am wondering if this might have just finally tipped the balance.

Some folks talk about systemic candida and how people with diabetes are prone to this condition. Others disagree. What do you think?

Have others had this problem and what has been effective for you?


P.S. For now I am trying to keep my blood sugars in very tight control and severely limiting the intake of all sugar, including fruit.

Yes I have and do. This has been so terrible issue. I see a dermatologist and he describes it like this for me. He calls it a bacteria infection, it exists in my hair follicles. Being in the hair root, the nutty thing is it comes and goes (but never away). After a couple of years of messing with it he finally hit on using a powerful antibiotic. He is using Keflex I have to take it for 10 straight days and he prescribes it os i have it at home whenever i need it.

it works but as he says, look it never goes away, instead it is suppressed before it comes back I woudl say it is one of the toughest things i have.


Hi Rick.
I am curious if the itching stays local to your head or if it is in hair follicles all over your body. Was your dermatologist actually able to diagnose it through some sort of test?

Rick, with the head itching, I wonder if you have tried a shampoo especially for people with eczema. Your pharmacist could advise on which one to buy. Works for me.

I have this type of itching in my hands and feet. Mine has something to do with neuropathy. Maybe research these to see if they can offer some relief.
Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the mother.
Sodium bicarbonate ( baking soda)
Lemon juice
Alpha-lipoic acid
These can help with fungus and yeast. These helped with the itch I had. Although eliminating sugar from my diet probably helped considerably. There is a wealth of info on Youtube concerning the uses of the first three listed items. They will help reset you ph level.

Hi Barbara,
Same issue here, I’ve been going to a dermatologist to treat the problem. I get on occasion, inflamed hair follicles that fill up with junk. I have a prescription for tetracycline that I go on and off of to manage it. I also have antibacterial soaps, and prescription lotions to apply as needed.

For me the healing process if it goes too far , is a long one. It’s a ton of work to stay on top of the issue, but if I don’t I break out.
The dermatologist is a specialist in ulcers for diabetics.
Good luck.
Justanordinarygyrl in Boston
PS Does the dried fruit have sulfur in it? I’m allergic to sulfur- that causes itching too!

Yes to all. The itching usually starts on my legs and it moves are a very fast pace to my arms, back and head My skin turns almost raw and it burns like nothing I know.

The doc messed with it for almost 6 months before he happened on the antibiotic. He suggested Cetaphil soap (I do) and removing all dyes etc that works as well. I also use a special no scent shampoo

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When I was in college I had one winter where I had “Cold urticaria”. Red itchy welts in all kinds of places on my body. This actually is a pretty vague thing that seems to be common in college age folks (not sure exactly how old you are, or if your weather has taken a turn for the cold lately - it’s still hot where I am!) Antihistamines (e.g. Benadryl) was the only thing that helped. There was no “magic cure”, evidently cold urticaria is just something that happens to folks that age for some unknown reason, and a few months later it was gone.

I also happen to be T1 and hypothyroid, and know that hives etc. are also correlated with autoimmune thyroid issues. See e.g. Chronic Urticaria and Autoimmunity

Diabetics have added trouble with fungus , need showers, keep lower sugar, cut back in carb. Eating, may need fungus pills if other steps fail. One medication is, one of my doctors, 4 days of 150 mg. Take one pill each two days, per my dermitologist.