Interesting, amusing “sensor out of range” msgs

Just sitting around doing nothing much, wondering if anyone else ever gets amusing messages on your pump saying your Dexcom sensor is “out of range” when all you did was move the pump from one side of your body to the other! :laughing:. I wear mine in a shirt pocket and I wear the Dex on either of my upper arms. When I put the pump in the opposite pocket from the arm the Dex is on, I’ll get the msg, and heck! They’re barely a foot apart! I wonder if sensor life or transmitter battery life or pump charge level has anything to do with it. Ain’t technology grand?

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It’s because signals don’t pass through water very well. Since people are 96 percent water, signals don’t pass through people very well.
I had a waterbed with my first dexcom and it would never work right when I was in bed.


It’s definitely a hassle sometimes but I just try and make sure that everything is on the same side that the dexcom is so it doesn’t happen as much. Oh, and the T-slim has to have the screen facing out as well or it won’t reliably connect to the dexcom.


Interesting… Found this additional info helpful.