Intermittent Gastroparesis?

Is it possible to have this problem intermiitenly, or if you have it, you have it? Also, pumpers: how would you handle this?

Occasionally, I have problems in the evening only like this: Ate dinner at 6. Ate 30 carbs, and took 2.6 units, just a little less than the recommended 3 units, as I am really trying to raise my blood glucose levels.

Looked at my CGM at 7, it was going steadily downward. Ate an additionaly 15 carbs, and at 8:30 I was still spiralling downhill. So I drank about 4 ounces of apple juice. It raised by glucose to 127, but then it fell again to 104 at 10:30. Midnight, I was 218 (meter reading), corrected. 2 am was 187, so it let the BOB work. At 4am, I was 181, corrected again and was 131 at 8am this morning. Some of that could be the need of a cartridge change, but until 10:30 last night the insulin was working fine.

My thought is to begin to take a square or dual wave bolus at dinner. I do that now for oriental food and pizza. Which bolus type works best for this? How long a time period, since the glucose levels did not rise until 11:00 or so, and then they shot up really fast? Overnight basal is good and very conservative at .3, but I have normal fastings at 89 to 100 most mornings.