International Adoption?

Anyone have websites/information for people who are Type 1 and are interested in international adoption?? I know that we don’t “qualify” for many programs because of diabetes, but I wanted to hear from people have who have adopted ?? What kind of “medical clearance” do you have to go through??

Thanks for any input!

I know there are at least two members on this group who have adopted internationally, myself and Bernard. I didn’t have difficulty either time, just had my doctor right a note explaining my diabetes and that I live a healthy, full life. China never questioned my health whatsoever. However, it has been nearly two years since our last adoption, and I know that China has cracked down on who they accept as parents. For instance, they’ve set weight standards and health regulations. I had a friend who had to be cancer free for 5 years before they could adopt. Funny thing was, they had already adopted once, just 2 years after the cancer, but now they have to weight. Crazy! With China though, they will make more exceptions if you are willing to adopt a special needs child. We decided to go that route anyway, having nothing to do with my diabetes.

Feel free to email me privately if you want to talk more.