International Replacement Issue


I'm sorry to bother you in case this topic has ever been discussed, it's just that I couldn't find anything about it.
I was an exchange student in the US last year and, while in the country, I was able to purchase an insulin pump from Medtronic with the help from my health insurance.
I came back to Brazil in June and installed the pump and my life definetely changed for the better. However, one of the buttons got stuck and the pump stopped working 2 months ago. I have been trying to get it replaced, but US Medtronic tells me they can't ship it abroad, while Brazil medtronic tells me they can't replace it because the model in Brazil is differente from the US model, so US should do it, but they keep telling me to wait for their call back (which never happens) since they apparently do not know what to do. As a result, I had absurd phone bills calling US and no hope for a resolution, even though I got warranty and everything.

Has anyone got any experience similar and maybe could help me out? I've been pretty helpless and hopeless. Thank you SO much.


Can't they ship it through one of your friends or teachers from your school in the U.S.? I would ask among your contacts there and see if someone could help you. Good luck!

Ugh............nope nothing..I'm afraid I can't tell u anything to help u out..........

Can you get a doctor in Brazil to prescribe one foer you? Will insurance cover a new one? If so, I would just do that.