Iron Supplements making me low?

Hi, My kindney doctor put me on Iron supplements which I started yesterday. I am also watching what I eat very carefully,etc in order to lower my A1C to 6.0 and to lose a few lbs. Since I started the Iron however I have been batteling the lows. I have been hovering in the 50’s and 60’s since yesterday afternoon and have been taking lower boluses for food and even eating without the bolus. Still not coming up much further than 80ish. I’m suspecting the Iron but its Sunday or I’d call the kidney guy or my CDE. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

If you haven’t called your CDE, you might want to start there. It could just be a coincidence though. Something else to think about is perhaps your basal needs at this time of the month are lower (I’m assuming you’re female) and because you are paying more attention now than previously, you are also noticing the lows where before perhaps they had offset eating. You also might want to see if this trend continues or not…because it could be perhaps your insulin was absorbed or working better that day or some other freak low that’s hard to pinpoint the cause.

I want to second Xanthasun’s theory that maybe your basal dosages need to be decreased. If you’re eating less and changing any other life habits, your basal needs can change.

If these supplements are actually lowering your BG, though, let us know! Because I would LOVE to take those instead of taking more insulin. :slight_smile:

Call your Endo to see if he knows of any side effects of these supplements.

Curious, so I did some research. Not that it means that iron isn’t lowering BG, but I couldn’t find anything that said iron supplements lower BG or any warnings of iron supplements & hypoglycemia.

I’ve had days of unexplained lows. It just happens.

Interested in what your doctor says & hope you’ll let us know.

Hope you don’t mind me asking, but are you very anemic? Did your doctor also have you eating iron rich food, B12 & folic acid?

Hi all,

Thanks for repling to my query. I have adjusted my basals and it seems to be helping. Must have just been because of the tighter watch on things. Gerri, I am low on iron but not quite anemic. The doctor put me on the iron in hopes to get me back where I am supposed to be. Planning on getting pregnant in the next few months so I want it all to be as close to “normal” as possible. Thanks again everyone!

Glad to hear this!

I asked about anemia because iron supplements have risks, so most doctors first advise eating more iron-rich food, checking Vit B-12 levels & adding folic acid first. Vitamin combos are sold without iron added because of potential problems with getting too much. It’s added to many packaged foods as ferrous sulphate.

There can be multiple reasons for being low in iron.