Is it a sin to be poor?

Today, i only have one strip left, but I don’t use it, i will JUST USE IT when I don’t feel well, as in, really really don’t feel well.
I can’t afford to buy one now until the end of the month… Whew… what a hard life, it’s really hard to be poor and living in a poor country with this kind of illness… I want to change our life but how??? I want to work abroad to earn a higher salary, but before I could work there I need to pay a placement fee… whew… and I am talking about $2,800!!! I need to pay that amount to apply for housekeeping job either in Canada and U.S, and I also heared that healthcare benefits in those country is great and which I could be earning $1300 per month, That will be a big help for me and my family), Presently, I am only earning $200 per month, my husband $500, (My moms medicines and expenses: $95, I am supporting my mom since I am her only child, we don’t have insurance here too, my father passed away 11 years ago, my daughter’s allowance for a month $25, it’s a good thing she’s still in high school and studying in a public school, my medicines $10 - i am taking generic one, that’s why its cheap, my strips 25pcs: $28, my mother in law’s meds and expenses $175, household bills $125 and food $200 , and the rest miscellaneous - this is our monthly expenses, there are time that we have to borrow from friends especially when unavoidable things occur), all of our earnings will go to expenses, bills and medicines, there’s nothing left to save… I really don’t know where to find help!

I’ve never returned to my ENDO since November 2007 because we can’t afford it, my last laboratory check up($25) was December (I wasn’t able to show it to my endo because everytime I visit her I have to pay $12, plus fare to and from her clinic, supposedly I have laboratory check up again this month, but can’t squeeze it in the budget.

All I know is that I’ve been and I am a good person, i’ve never stepped on someone, I don’t know why I am reaping all these… all I wanted is a simple life, peaceful, happy and contented… we can buy things that we need and send my daughter in school and be out of debts!!!

Sometimes I really want to cry but I can’t!!! why? it will make my BG high. I can’t be angry… same thing will happen…

Is it a sin to be poor?

Sorry about this… I just need to vent this out…

Have a blessed lenten season everyone…

Someone there who have extra strips, you can send it to me, It will be much appreciated… I am using One touch ultra, I am really sorry for asking

Email me your address. Cause guess what meter I used to use before I got my precision xtra and guess what, I got a TON of vials. I may not be able to get them out until closer to the end of the month, but I can get some to you then and even if you don’t need them then, I will still send them to you. Also call One Touch and explain your situation to them and ask them if possible can they send you a sample vial. I did that with Precision Xtra on the ketone strips and they were more than happy to send it to me.

I have some extra you can have too, email me.

the fastest is thing is to use PayPal. Do you have an account? Send me a message with an email addy… Ask Cody how she set it up so people could send her help.
I’m waiting for you message:)

Oh and next time dont get so low before you tell us you need help:) then we can help faster:)

just go to Set up an account and let people know what your email address for the account is.

No hon it’s not a sin I myself came on here looking for help with my diabetes and the people on here are truly the best. I don’t know why bad health and being poor go hand in hand but it seems like it does.Let us all know about the account I will try and contribute. I know how it can get to be overwhelming don’t let it eat you alive there are people on here who have big hearts and only wish you the best. It sucks to be poor but your not alone in this there is help.I send you much hope and let us know how your doing.

Hello everyone,
I can’t thank you all enough with all your kindness, When I read all your replies can’t help but cry… tears of joy… I never thought that someone and people that I don’t personally know are willing to help… All I could say is thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, I don’t know how to repay you but surely I will include you all in my prayers and God bless you…

Cody said I will set up a pay pal account, which I did and I tried to understand everything stated there :-), because we are not familiar with pay pal :slight_smile:
My full name is Florida Gonzales
Email address:
home address: Lot 5, Block 4, Payapa Subdivision
D. Panganiban St., Galicia 3, Mendez,
Cavite, Philippines 4121
Thank you all so much…

Thanks! Florida:)
I cant do much: but I’m sending a bit. You relax and keep yourself at peace. Tudiabetes is a big family.
We do try to take care of our own whenever we can.