Is it a weird coincidence or a luck thing?

I hope this is in the right place ...

Hi I'm really new here, and also still KINDA new to diabetes. I was diagnosed after a rather awful ER stint for what I thought was GERD...which it was, but I also found out I had diabetes. I say it was awful because I was tired , I needed a shower, and it was the beginning of a 2 month hell to get typed properly as a type 1 as they couldn't type me in the ER. Funny thing is I don't know if it actually counts as June 14th or 15th, as I was not told until 3am...but my blood was taken and tested probably just before midnight. So technically I was actually diagnosed on the 14th? I say it's funny because November 14th is my birthday. So not only have I had diabetes for 5 months but I also have the same birthday as Frederick Banting and that's also world diabetes day. Also sort of for a fun fact: I was born 99 years after Banting, if I was born a year later that would be so wild.

I don't fully understand what this would even count as, luck? Coincidence? Fate? Destiny? What even is this? Anyone else born on November 14th, by the way?

My grandfather was born on November 14th. Great guy, no D. Engineer in the USN, worked on sonar and, according to the enemy casualties was successful. Liked Manhattans!

I don't know if it is destiny or luck or something else ... If I was born a hundred years ago, I would have been dead twice (once from very premature birth, once from childhood T1D). Why was I born today and not a hundred years ago? And born in a country where I have access to the resources I need to stay alive and healthy and independent (as a legally blind person)? I don't know, maybe luck, but I feel like I am definitely here for a "reason" and should not throw away the opportunity to contribute something to this world.

Welcome, Sensorium. I wasn't diagnosed Type 1 until I was 58. It was a little over a month before my retirement so I had plenty of time to deal with D. But for me, the luck is that I wasn't diagnosed when I was younger. During my young adulthood I abused drugs and was very self destructive. I also suffered from an eating disorder until I was 44. I wouldn't have survived.

The "name" YOU give it, will say a great deal!