Is it "brittle" diabetes? HELP!

Hey everyone,

I have started to find myself with the complications from Diabetes that I thought would never happen to me. So I tried to really get a hold on my levels and try to reverse things, but I am not having any luck. It seems my sister, and others, can set things up and stay fairly stable. Me…not so much…I try to take care of everything, but one morning my sugars are at 34, the next 164, then the next 500. I am not getting much help from my doctor, so I was hoping I could turn to my piers. I have the Minimed Paradigm pump, and even went and bought myself the Dexcom CGM solution. Any information out there? Anyone know of a good Endocrinologist to see in San Diego? Thanks!!!

Have you read Dr. Bernstein’s “Diabetes Solution” book and tried cutting down on the carbs to see if you can eliminate those huge swings? Even if you don’t go as low, carb-wise, as he suggests, reading his book should help you get some ideas that would improve control.

I’ve heard of it, I’ll have to check it out. The problem I have though is that the same dosage of insulin on the same number of carbs reacts differently every day :frowning:

This book can also really help.
Using Insulin, Everything You Need for Success With Insulin by John Walsh

It sounds like your basal dose is out of whack. You have to get that set right before anything else will work.

Have you talked to your doctor about the type of insulin that you are using. I recently switched and have been thinking about going back to Humalog because I think my body works better with it. I would dicuss your insulin and basals with your doctor and maybe you two can find something that works for you.