Is it Love?


LOL, thanks for posting.

That is HIGH-larious! …so good! :heart_decoration:
…'cause you’re always “feeling” soooo high and wonderful when you’re in love… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
…but NEVER FULLY trust your feelings, because they can be misleading…
…get out the meter, and check the numbers!!
It is the lesson of the: " I did NO training for that 50km bike ride…!! "
Felt GREAT when it was done… :muscle: ; felt horrible the next day when you could not stand up, and thigh muscles where loudly reminding you of the abuse you afforded them a mere 24 hours earlier!

I don’t know about a hypo feeling like love!!!

Historically I had a hard time distinguishing hypo symptoms from:
1: Really bad allergies
2: Really stressful/argumentative interpersonal situations
All three can leave me in a mental fog and jittery and confused.

At least since the early 80’s I generally have bg test strips or now CGM with me. Before test strips, wow, it was just guessing man.